Paulina Bouc

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Paulina 'Pauly' Bouc
Pauly PostParty.jpg

Commonly Known to Kindred Society

Clan: Ventrue
Lineage: House Asher
Generation: 10th
Society: Camarilla
Dignitas: Esteemed
Abiding Status: Confirmed, Guardian, Noble, Prominent
Fleeting Status: Favored by Elder Prince Botani David, Victorious, Courageous, Honorable, Triumphant
Positions / Titles:

  • Harpy of Washington, DC
  • Second of House Theodosius
  • Host of the Annual Prince Lin Huang Ash Wednesday Bowling Symbel

Notable Traits

  • Personal Masquerade

Lineage: Embraced to House Asher, currently of House Theodosius



  • "I'm taking a gap century between my release and having to be a responsible Ventrue." - Pauly
  • "Ms Bouc, please stop referring to me as Uncle-be-Damned." - Harry Massey
  • "I'd be worried that you'd do something scandalous to remove the Dignitas... but that would take effort." - Francis_Meier_Esq
  • "Quite frankly, it's the Ventrue way to destroy someone's assets when they stand you up on a date." - Pauly


OOC Information

Player: Marjorie 'Marji' Sinclair, US2002034543

Player Email:

Storyteller: Julian Getz

Storyteller’s Email:

Location: Baltimore / Washington, DC