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"Lidet er om den mans vrede, som ingen vurder.” - Payback





Name: Payback
Clan: Brujah
Generation: 10th
Position: Sheriff of Austin
Family: House Agmundr
Coterie: The Citadel


Confirmed (Ancilla)
Enforcer (Sheriff)
Privileged (Sheriff)

Loyal - Granted by Karma
Loyal - Granted by Siegrid of the True North
Favored - Granted by Sonne
Favored - Granted by Olaf
Honorable - Granted by Olaf


One milky white eye
Pinup or punk hair
Necklace, with Absent Sway "Protection"
Leather jacket


Payback is Payback. The name says it all.


1703 – Born in Denmark
1725 – Ghouled by Arnwolf "Greybeard" Harbard
1755 – Embraced by Väinämöinen Takala.
1765 – Came to America. Settled in California, for a time.
1775-1783 – A nurse in the American Revolutionary War.
1812-1814 – A nurse in the War of 1812.
1861-1865 – A nurse in the Civil War.
1914-1918 – A nurse in World War 1.
1939-1945 – A nurse in World War 2. Picked up the nickname: Payback.
1950-1953 – A nurse in the Korean War.
1953 – Embraced Jason
1964-1973 – A nurse in the Vietnam War.
1980 – Embraced Karma.
1980-present – Leader of the biker gang "The Valkyries".
1986 – Embraced Vengeance.
2006-present – Lives in Austin, TX.


Eli - Met during the War of 1812. Met up again in 1820. Commissioned Eli for blacksmithing, ended up being a sparring partner.

Liam Kincaid - Would get in many philosophical debates. Lost my ghoul, Felix, to him in a poker game.

Felix Winchester - Payback ghouled Felix. His lust for the New World was only matched by her for seeing it succeed.

Rhiannon Byrd - Helped Rhiannon smuggle things & a person, into Texas.

Olaf - Met during the blitz of London while Payback was saving orphans from the fires.

Mad Dog Jack - Still runs with, to this day, in her biker gang.

Iliana - Met in Chicago in the 1950's.. They've been running together, off and on, ever since.


Payback is actually an Anarch.
Payback isn't a Brujah.
Payback actually doesn't hate dressing up, but lace is hard to get ash out of.
Payback enjoys Bette Davis films.
Payback once punched an elder in the face. It was awesome.
An elder told Payback she was pretty.
Payback is actually an elder.
Add here.
Add here.


"One night this dude said he won't ride with a girl - she beat him so bad! It was funny, but I guess you had to be there" - Mad Dog Jack

"She was like, this beautiful angel who like told me I was special and we could like change the world. Now it seems like the only thing we like do is bleed like fighting everyone else's battles." - Karma

"Well, shit." - Simon Flint

"Oh, a lady doesn't kiss and tell. You better ask her." - Lucy Giovanni

"She's an absolutely abysmal poker player, but she always pays her debts." - Liam Kincaid

"Retten døde. Hun steg for å kjempe. Hun er en sann kriger." - Olaf

"I clawed my way free from one of the most oppressive Clans in the entire Camarilla to join the Movement. What's your excuse?" - Turmoil

"I have a bad habit of of doing the unexpected. It keeps her on her toes. Good thing she likes me, otherwise I'm sure she would have let me die that night." - Vengeance

"The fates seem destined for us to be entwined. To what ends, still remains to be seen.." - Channon

"A formidable opponent if I ever met one. Our camaraderie begin with a simple request, "Hit me as hard as you can." - Eli Zook

"I do wish I could assure Payback that I fondly recall and cherish the gift that she gave me. The full ramifications of her actions may elude even me. I work earnestly to repay her kindness in the manner to which I am accustomed." - Felix Winchester, from his journals

"A Brujah nurse? How does one get compassion from a wolverine? These modern nights certainly are interesting if nothing else." - Lord Simon Kensington

"One thing's for sure, through all that bluster and sin, Payback's one to watch. She may just change my mind on the Tower yet." - Clint

"Why do people who act like they hate the Cam stay in it? Like, elders love fancy parties and sticks up their asses. Do yall like that, too, and just wear "I think I'm a bad ass" costumes? I honestly don't get it." - Britney Daye

"There are some people who can only remember things while directly looking at them. This persistence issue is supposedly quite rare, yet I seem to see it an awful lot in a very localized area these days. Payback does her job well, and I have nothing bad to say about her. I am very interested in the affect she has on people, though." - Alistair Beckworth

"Payback is the reason I have hope for the future. She is the epitome of honor in words and deeds, and I am proud to name her as one of my blood." - Siegrid of the True North

"I do not suggest you call her, the english word with b. Because if she doesnt hear you, I will. She explained that shooting another vampire thru the eye is not against the traditions." - Skoll

"By all rights she and I should have never crossed paths. We never intended to dabble in such business as that which brought me to her. I can say that I am thankful it was her and no one else. I doubt anyone else would have fully understood the circumstances and ramifications of inaction of that situation. She's a delight." - Rhiannon Byrd

"Her expression can be so brooding, I nearly told her let loose just a smidge. Turns out, she doesn't need any help in that regard." - Vivienne Stanwyck

"Who are you again? Oh right, the Towers Sheriff. Um.. hi?" - Coby Hayes

"So after meeting the 'ma' of Vengeance, I can see that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Though if she wanted, I'm sure those apples would have been disposed of if they didn't meet standards." - Guy

"If any observers of our domain doubted Payback's value as a Sheriff, they need only have observed the swiftness with which she coordinated the defense of not only the Prince, but of the visiting Elders as well, in a time of absolute crisis. There is no finer candidate in this Domain for the job." - Kosto Raav

"Payback the Sheriff. She has her hands full, what with the proverbial fires in Austin, the veiled threats against the Praxis, and the spitfires in her Clan. But I've seen her party: She's sex, drugs, rock n' roll, and hell on wheels." - Lillian Chandler

"She's good at her job and I still get to throw down with anyone she says needs to be hurt? Well, shit. Alright." - Tamara Rose Linden

"Yeah, your mother has a quotation about Payback. No, but seriously... you don't share a Setite love nest without developing a certain affection. *pause* I think I need a shower." - William Campbell

"Pretty strong, and a good fighter. She's more perceptive than I would have guessed... I bet she's got some fun secrets." - Jonny Toxic

"She sees without Sight. She also delegates effectively without foreknowledge. And I hear she throws a great kegger." - Gabriel Kole

"She said she like loves me, and I was like her first. Then I like I find out about HIM. Like...was everything all a lie?" - Karma

"Thoughtful. She considers the weight of words. It's a well appreciated trait in a Sheriff." - Gabriel

"If the city would give her the information she needs to do her damn job, I am certain that the things that plague us would be of much less concern." - Ezra of the Vanguard

"There is a singular pleasure in saying 'Yes' when Payback asks if you want to go get into trouble." - Samuel Hayes

"She's cool, yeah. I really don't wanna learn how she got the name of Payback." - Juniper Durham

"So Brick gave me the name Fury, which I thought was a nice welcome to the family. Then I meet Payback and all of the sudden it's Fury Road. Not that I can complain, after one meeting she already feels like that bad ass biker aunt I didn't know I needed." - Waylon

"You like know that like RiRi and Eminem like song, 'Love the Way you Lie'? It's like kind of like that with us. But like fuck, we like belong to like each other and like you better like dust us both if you like hurt her." - Karma

"Hey, met her over in Houston with a few other Brujah. Cool peep here. No shit had my back when some dudes kept looking at me, and I really just met her that evening." - Trip Line

"Past is past. I wasn't kidding, and I wasn't lying." - Clint

"When I came back home after my obligatory absence, Payback's eyes lit up as she shouted "Mutha-fuckin' Cub!" Part of why we long for home is the notion that regardless of what changes elsewhere, home somehow always remains the same. No matter what transpired from then to now, Payback was there to welcome me home as only she could, and I will never forget it. Excuse me..." *becomes emotional* - Cub

"She is, in a word, the perfect blend of both Brujah and Ventrue. I doubt she would appreciate the sentiment, but she grasps of the larger picture of things with ease, and though I often feel the passion she has in her heart, her level head prevails." Irma Kardoș

"I see now why she often may come across as world weary. I am profoundly less alone, knowing her now as I do. Carry that weight, Payback, and know that a burden shared is one that cannot falter." Gabriel

"I understand you won't be able to look the other way now." Jonny Toxic

"Even out here, we've heard Payback is a formidable warrior. I just hope she can make out the forest from the trees. I would hate for good Brujah to be badly directed." Thaddeus Moreau

"A true heart, a humanitarian, disillusioned with the realities of the world, disenchanted with the empty promises of mortal ideologies... She has all the makings of a true monster, if she is pushed off that precipice. Just. One. Small. Shove." Raven Tempestarii


“Blah and things ”

"Something something"

"Words and stuff"


Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Austin, TX
Player: Holli Hensley US2002034112
VST: Austin VST
Misc: Always open to ties of all kinds, feel free to ask!