Peach Poison

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OnyxPathAnarchs.png OnyxPathToreador.png

Clan: Toreador
Sect: Anarchs
Titles: Committed
Positions: NA
Domain: Little Rock, AR

Little Rock, AR Masquerade - VSS
Player: Lori Sanchez
ST: Damon Edwards
Wiki Designer: Lori C. US2013030066


Startquote.png saywhat? Endquote.png ~ whosaid


Startquote.png In a garden of roses, a peach tree stands out like a sore thumb. Perhaps one day our errant children will mature. Endquote.png ~ Morena Meyer

Startquote.pngNot a wholly unpleasant individual, for an Anarch. Her negotiating skills could use some work. Endquote.png ~ Reverend Gideon Haven

Startquote.png She does what she wants regardless of what others may think. Once you realize that, then you will also be truly free. Endquote.png ~ Ruby Atomic

Startquote.png Peach and I always have a good time when we manage to get together at gatherings. She reminds me a lot of me, if I wasn't raised in the Old Country, and was allowed more than just a fling with the Movement. A little bit spacey, but that's only understandable. I just wish she would wake up and realize that she's too good for the Movement'. She could accomplish great things in the Tower. Endquote.png ~ John Francis Carlisle

Startquote.png saywhat Endquote.png ~ whosaid