Penance Valentine

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Penance "Penny" Valentine

Notable Traits: Mouthy, flashy, a good listener.

Society: The Camarilla

Clan: Tremere


The Tremere call Penny a Thaumaturgical prodigy. If only he'd spend a little more time in the lab and a little less time doing drugs and dancing all night long.

The truth is he's an artist.

Seven Primogen once told him that if he'd agree to be the Tremere Primogen then there would at last be a full table of 8 and, the likelihood of that ever happening again being low, they could take a selfie. He's still waiting on that selfie.

He became Harpy of Chicago literally because he wasn't paying close enough attention to a vote.


Harpy of Chicago
Editor in Chief of Penny for your Thots
Prominent, Noble, Guardian

Primogen of Clan Tremere

Prodigy of the Camarilla

In response to repeated attempts to defend the Prince from magical attack

I Heard a Rumor

Quotes By Penny

  • "Beauty reveals everything because it expresses nothing."
  • "You don't use copper for transmigration of the soul you use bronze. Using copper it gets icky because it drifts into transubstantiation; bring a mop."
  • "Drama before bloodshed."
  • "The Tremere didn't wake up one night and decide to curse the Assamites for the lulz. Our signature is one of many on the founding of the Camarilla, y'know."

Quotes About Penny

  • "When circumstances are so regrettably dire that Penance and I must talk business, it is such a waste of his innumerable talents that I cannot sleep for grief. His is a bold and boundless energy better suited for some higher plane of creative consciousness. Or... at least Berlin." - Annette Voclain
  • "It can be difficult to overcome my instinct to draw a weapon around the Tremere but Penny doesn't inspire that reaction in me. I find I rather enjoy his wit and wisdom. It makes me wonder if he's enchanted me in some sinister way." - Andrea Merkasi
  • "Acquitted on all charges? And his name is 'Penance'? I mean he's a nice enough guy, but I'm not going to be surprised when someone says 'German potato salad' or whatever and his eyes turn black and starts exploding people's heads like something out of a Cronenberg movie." - Carl
  • "A cool tremere. You don't see that often." - Juniper Durham
  • "Driver on the bright nights with the stripe lights and the avenue walkers who's eyes are candy!" - Celestina the Taino
  • Feel inspired


OOC Information

Player: Steve BC

Storyteller: Mark Harrison

Location: Chicago, IL