Penelope Dawson

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Pennelope Dawson
Rank: Adren
Deed Name: P-23
Age: 38
Current Location: Los Angeles County
Sept: Sept of Shadowed Wisdom
Pack and Position: Gaia's Evolution



Penny has an interesting dichotomy to her personality. She is normally outgoing and friendly to all she crosses paths with; she is especially kind to those who she feels have been treated unfairly or need assistance. Among garou she can be aloof and distant or watching, cautious. Her apparent extroversion is at odds with the mountain lion's ghost like introversion and isolation.


  • "Penny, is not your normal chick. She will just as readily talk your ear off as rip your throat out and eat it in front of you..wait...maybe she is like other chicks." said in Jest by Glow Bug
  • "One of my oldest friends, I hope the years have been kind to her and we find a good place to restart our friendship." Glow Bug
  • "It's good there's one of us that can talk human better. I mean, she went to college and everything. Was a lesbian. Not clear
    if that's a still thing. Maybe. But yeah, she's pretty agreeable. For a cat." Scraps
  • "We are complicated. What love we had has been buried under years of service to the Nation.. and yet here you are, challenging
    my established positions." Jeremiah Grey

  • quote here if you like. I reserve the right to remove anything I feel is threatening or unnecessarily disrespectful. This is for fun, not for passive aggressive behavior.


  • She was a Lesbian in College
  • She helped P-22 steal and eat that Koala
  • She tried to kill off the garou in Los Angeles by taking them to that boar monster to "kill"
  • She's a Galliard.
  • She's a Theurge.
  • Love's being a Copy Cat, if she likes what she sees, she will take it as her own.



Musical Inspiration

Penelope Dawson

Fera: Bastet
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Dawn, Night
Domain: Los Angeles, CA
Player: Nicole Ortiz US2005085948
VST: Los Angeles VST