Penny, Girl Friday

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She's Always There When You Need Her

Commonly Known Information

Name: Penny

Notable Traits: Cheerful, Chipper, Helpful, Just a Delight to Be Around

Type: Mage

Character Type Subgroup: Acanthus

Union: Explorers

Chartered Company: ??


Penny's a great gal. She's been working with her mentor and boss, Inspector Juno for a couple of years now. Or was it months? Or days? Who cares. She's a great assistant and she's been learning so much about how luck, happenstance and serendipity work.


  • Penny is really into vampires. They're sexy and scary.
  • Rumor here.
  • Rumor here.

OOC Information

Player: Sandra S.

Player Email:

Storyteller: Roo Wetzel

Storyteller Email:

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California

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