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Commonly Known
Name: Penny Rodriguez

Clan: Brujah

Lineage: House Khamsin

Sect: Anarch Movement

Position: None

Status: Committed (under Status ban for being new to the Movement, and for still having a blood bound ghoul)

Notable Traits: Penny knows things. A lot of things. The problem seems to be keeping track of all the things she knows and seeing how they fit together. That Brujah temper sometimes keeps her from getting that last piece of the puzzle to fit. But she loves it, and she loves information and knowledge. She is fiercely protective of anything that could be lost, costing us some bit of knowledge. She doesn't look this part at all, however, with her scene pink hair and dressed down personality. She is also known to be a bit too curious for her own good, getting into many situations she'd be better off avoiding just because there was something she didn't know on the other side of the danger.



1941: Penny's parents escape Cuba.

1946: Penny Rodriguez is born in Miami, in the midst of the mass exodus from Batista's regime.

1967: Penny ghouled by a Brujah she met through the music scene. She is taught just enough to survive as a ghoul in Kindred society, but she ends up pursuing more and more information. As a ghoul, her propensity for grasping Kindred history, culture, and a variety of Lore beyond many Kindred catches the attention of multiple other Kindred. The Tremere, in particular, saw her as a tool they could mold and use her categorical and detail oriented mind to further strengthen their place in the Tower. Unknown to Penny, a tragic game of cloak and dagger was being played to gain both permission and access to Embrace Penny.

1968: Penny Embraced by a Brujah, just outside of Miami. When she returns home, the Kindred who had been vying to Embrace her quickly begin making her existence miserable. Only the Tremere get blamed, leaving the others Scott free. Penny is placed under accounting and kept away from greater Kindred public.

1969: [Redacted]

1969: Penny released from Accounting. It boggles the minds of many that she had such a grasp of Kindred society and history. Certain Kindred took exception to what she seemed to know and sought to have her destroyed.

1970: Penny gets the hell out of Miami, since apparently a lot of angry monsters wanted to kill her. She wasn't interested in why. Penny begins traveling, trying to find her place in the new world in which she's now trapped.

1971: [Redacted]

1972: Penny beats Gabriel Sanna into torpor with an Anthropology textbook.

1973: [Redacted]

1977: Penny is found Loyal for her preservation of valuable Kindred literature. She immediately loses Loyal when she suddenly began beating her patron with a copy of the literature she had worked to preserve. Penny claims she lost her cool when the patron made a joke about the Library of Alexandria.

1984: [Redacted]

1986: [Redacted]

1991: [Redacted]

1992: Penny finally repays the boon owed in compensation for her attack back in 1977.

2018: Penny hears about an attempt to solidify Camarilla presence in St Louis. She moves there to support the effort, hoping to establish a kind of underground "Library of Alexandria" for modern Kindred. Everything falls apart rather quickly.

2019: Penny follows Theo Bell to the Anarchs, hoping that doing so will leave her the freedom necessary to continue her project. Plus, screw the Camarilla. What a crock of sh....

2019: [Redacted]

2019: [Redacted]

2019: [Redacted]

Please Add

  • Penny has nearly died multiple times while trying to acquire a piece of parchment or a book or any number of things, saying her own life is worth the risk if she can keep anything from being lost.
  • Penny was never truly loyal to the Camarilla. She always wanted to be an Anarch, but thought the Camarilla would give her the tools she needed to prevent the loss of any more knowledge. She later found out the Camarilla is a huge dumpster fire.
  • Penny is not really a Brujah. She is clearly either a Malkavian or a Toreador, though nobody is sure what could be gained from her infiltrating the Brujah. You don't believe it? Then how do you explain her mastery of Auspex AND the fact that her ghoul has mastered it?
  • The individual Penny considers her "best friend" is a Lasombra. And no, of course the Lasombra's not Sabbat. Don't be stupid.
  • Penny went on a trip recently, but wouldn't say where she went. When she got back, she seemed disturbed but wouldn't talk about it.
  • Penny knows some things that a neonate has no place knowing, and knows some things that could blow the lid off the plans of a lot of elders.

"I tell you what, why don't you stand over there and lick that window while I do something both useful and intelligent?" - Penny R
"It's a doorknob. You turn it left or right and it opens the door. Go ahead and practice while I go figure out something that will actually help us." - Penny R
"I'm sorry about the window thing, and sorry about the doorknob crack. Those were uncalled for. It's just that I get really irritated when I have to talk to stupid people like you." - Penny R
"Penny was as stubborn as I am, and picked a rather unfortunate time to make me choose between protecting my Clan and protecting my city. Another failure for the books. I'll tattoo this one in neon pink." - Franklin Walker Please Add

Please Add

OOC Information
The Middle, Jimmy Eat World
Smooth Criminal, Alien Ant Farm
Read A Book (NSFW)
1985, Bowling for Soup
Hot For Teacher, Van Halen
The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Lauryn Hill
El Yerbero Moderno ft. Lila Downs
Compay Segundo, Guananey
Child in Time, Deep Purple

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