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Commonly Known Information
Shadow Name:Persona
Creature Type:Mage
Order:Guardians of the Veil
OOC Information
Storyteller:VST CoD-X MA-005D
Player Email:

Simone T

Path-mastigos.pngOrder guardians of the veil.png



Rumored to be born in 15th century Venice. Persona is the Mastigos seat of the Silent Sanctum Council. He is known as a master of Space and Mind and he is a Magister of the Guardians of the Veil


1472: First documented mention of Persona in Venice, Italy

2012: Persona joins the Silent Sanctum by Judging and executing the local Epopt and filling his place


  • Persona is a hereditary Shadow name passed from mentor to student across the centuries.
  • Persona is actually a whole Cabal of different mages pretending to be a single Mage.



  • "Since incompetence is not a crime punished by our laws, I believe this is a matter between Myst and her Caucus."


  • "I have literally nothing bad to say about Persona. He is simply the most intimidating magus I've ever met... which I assure you, is saying something." - Myst
  • "He is by far the most competent and intelligent magus I've ever met. He almost makes up for the stupidity of the rest of them." - Khan
  • "when you look on a dictionary his photo shows up as the definition of creepy" - Virgam
  • "Those who are your betters will end you some day, and that will be the only justice you will ever find." - Leto