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Commonly Known Information

Name: Peter Dugald Warren

Notable Traits: Loremaster, Kindred Historian, final death in 2004

Clan: Ventrue NPC


Sire of Kira Mantle

Childe of Micheal Galloway (NPC - Final Death in 1878)

Childe of "Uncle" Chao (Nathan Huff - Final Death in July 2017)

Childe of Ganbaatar Khan (David Singleton)

Childe of Alain Martel (Robert Recckia)

Childe of Lysander (NPC)

Childe of Artemis Orthia (NPC)

Childe of Ventru (NPC)

Peter Warren was born Pieter Jansen in Holland, 1794 to an unwed mother. He immigrated to Canada in 1810. His mother married an English settler, and anglicized their names. In his lifetime, he made a relative fortune through bringing other immigrants to Canada as part of the timber trade, which in his later years he translated into investment in the creation of the Canadian railway system. This caught the attention of Micheal Galloway, who saw in Warren the proper sense of responsibility towards developing the nation.

Galloway embraced Warren in 1848 at age 54, and Mr.Warren began his Agoge, which he completed in only 20 years, for the House Martel lineage, a very short period of time. From there, Warren spent most of his time in smaller cities, like Transcona in Manitoba, living a largely solitary and scholarly life, interacting with other kindred mostly through letters, traded secrets, and trying to avoid the notice of the Sabbat. While he was always one to welcome a guest into his Haven, there are fewer than a dozen instances known of Mr.Warren visiting another kindred, and each and every one of those cases was to make a copy or translation of some text or bit of oral history. Otherwise, Mr.Warren seemed largely content to spend his eternity in a sort of 'retirement', gently improving the cities he dwelt in, but never taking 'power' in of any of them. When Galloway was killed by lupines in 1878, Warren did not even make an appearance at the Board Meeting to divide his assets.

It was then to the surprise of those who knew him that he sought permission from his Grandsire, Ganbaatar Khan in 1970 to embrace a childe. His selection, Ms.Kira Mantle would be embraced in 1973. He kept Kira locked in a room for the next 30 years, letting her out only briefly for her to discover her preference of blood, and then providing it for her. He educated and tested the young kindred on all many of subjects, ensuring she understood the great legacy she was inheriting, and calling in nearly every boon he had recorded, to bring in various teachers to further enlighten her on the ways and history of the Kindred. Near the end of her agoge, Mr.Warren seemed ever more unhinged, neglecting to care for his appearance. During Kira Mantle's release party, guests noted that Mr.Warren was talking to himself under his breath quite often, and seemed highly anxious, jumping at every loud noise or sudden movement.

There were some who thought it was then for the best that Peter Warren met final death in 2004,killed by hunters, before he completely destroyed any good reputation he had left.


  • Mr.Warren had a collection of heretical tomes.
  • Mr.Warren wasn't actually killed by hunters, and some unknown parties are covering up his death for reasons unknown.
  • Mr.Warren arranged the death of his own sire.

OOC Information

Player: Brandy Stien

Player Email:

This is an NPC from the backstory of my primary character, Kira Mantle.