Petra Ironpelt, Constrains the Wyrm

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Known to the Garou Nation

Deed Name: Constrains the Wyrm
Given Name: Ironpelt
Human Name: Petra Tierney
Breed: Lupus
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Fianna
Rank: Fostern
Sept: Sept of the Fallen Green


Her breed form has red-tinged grey fur, for which she was given her wolf name Ironpelt. She’s a slightly larger than average wolf (lupus) and an arguably large dire wolf (hispo), yet takes on an unusually small homid form. She uses her breed form whenever possible, though in Manhattan that’s less often than she would like. She fights in hispo form whenever it doesn’t risk breaking the veil, she rarely makes use of glabro, and there are few who can remember ever seeing her crinos form.


She appears more or less easygoing, but is intensely loyal and will readily put her life on the line for those she cares about if there’s sign of a threat.


Petra Ironpelt was born to a Fianna kinfolk father and Garou mother in central New York State. Her home community includes a village of homid Garou and kinfolk on the border of a forest where lupus shifters and kinfolk live - a secret which the homids guard very closely. As is the community's custom, she chose a human name after her first change to represent her being a part of both worlds. She uses both names in Garou society, but in the human world she goes by Petra Tierney.

Blood Relatives

(NPCs) Mother: Resolve-of-Stone, lupus ragabash Fianna (deceased) Father: Steelfur, Fianna kinfolk Littermates: Brightclaws (kinfolk), Canagan Quicksight (Garou)

Deed name

The first time she visited New York City, Petra was found by the Sept of the Fallen Green and brought to their bawn, away from the corrupted Manhattan Island. The same day, she elbowed her way into a raid on a Pentex laboratory (partially through eagerness to get into a real fight, and mostly through not telling anyone at the Sept that she hadn't exactly passed her Cliath challenge yet). When she and the group were faced with a pair of fomori guards holding rifles full of silver bullets, what did Petra do? After taking a couple of bullets she decided enough was enough, shifted to hispo form, and threw herself at one of the fomori. She grappled him in a massive "bear hug" (as it were) to stop him from shooting her new allies, and squeezed him like a toy until he stopped moving. When the group returned to the Sept of the Fallen Green, Petra was deeded "Constrains the Wyrm"... which she adopted a few months later after returning to her family Sept to complete her Cliath challenge.


  • Constantly hears murmurs from the Wyrm after guarding a Wyrmshard for a month.
  • Never fights in Crinos form because she can't.
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  • “She’s ‘Constrains the Wyrm,’ not ‘Snuggles the Wyrm.’ She’ll be fine.” - StrongTalk
  • “Add a quote!” - Name


Eagle's Vanguard

  • Thursday Jones, Far to Go
  • Aiden D'Arcy, Impulse Control
  • Beau Calhoun, Fierce Urgency
  • Brad Tepec, Juggernaut
  • Sidney End-of-Days
  • Dr. Marcus Smith, Redman

Other Connections



  • The Wyrm, mostly
  • Frenzy

Ties Sought

  • Garou or kin from her history in central New York State



  • Glory


  • 2014: Born in Central NY State
  • 2017: Visits NYC for the first time
  • Sep. 2017: Joins the Sept of the Fallen Green
  • Apr. 2018: Completes her Fostern challenge



  •  ???

Contact Info

Player: Allegra D. US2017110043
ST: John C
Domain: New York City, NY-004-D

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Masquerade C/A/I: Leon Astorio

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