Peyton Fetterly

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"There are no 'human' oppressors. Oppressors have lost their humanity."

Name: Peyton Fetterly

Clan: Tremere

Sect: Camarilla

Position: None

Clan Society: Declared Rogue


  • Accepted: Acknowledged
  • Fleeting: Favored by Elder Primogen Asher Meier for saving his childe from a burning building
  • Fleeting: Loyal by Elder Prince Amyntas for quietly protecting the domain from direct hunter threats without alerting the populace and causing a panic
  • Fleeting: Courageous by Elder Prince Amyntas for politely arresting an assailant who attacked the Prince
  • Fleeting: Loyal by Elder Primogen Kipton Shant for services to House and Clan

Public Information

Peyton is an advocate for the power of humanity. Not the ideal concept of pretending to be human though, but the idea that human beings are collectively the most powerful thing on Earth. To that end he supports humanity and drives it to seek new heights.

Prior to being embraced, Peyton worked for the United States government in clandestine operations and later in the private sector engaged in corporate espionage. However, once he was embraced something caused his idealism and faith in humanity to grow substantially. He has put his life skills to use in trying to help guide any business he sees worth in to try and better the world and create a better place for all of humanity.

More to come...

Notable Traits

  • He has vocalized supporting relationships with those who know thaumaturgy outside of the clan as well as eschewing old animosity with clans like the Assamites.
  • The Fetterly Foundation is a charitable LLC and Kindred group that Peyton has created to help his goals of furthering humanity and they seem to be gaining some traction.
  • Loves the smell of a good meal and will take time to savor the scent as it wafts by.
  • Avid fan of bad films


(Feel free to add/invent any you may have heard.)

  • He was convinced to become a vampire after a lengthy powerpoint presentation from Anaïs Palomer
  • Some say that he knows a few thaumaturgical secrets that he won't even talk to his own clan about.

Friends and Enemies

Street Level Spies

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  • "This is the future, nothing's impossible." -Peyton
  • "There is and always will be one force stronger than all Kindred worldwide. Humanity eclipses us and this makes many of our kind bitter and left with a desire to control humans...but that is just how those Kindred admit to being weak. Instead seek the pulse of humanity, enjoy the ride, and help make a better world for tomorrow." -Peyton
  • "When another kindred pulls your childe out of a burning building and saves his life, regardless of clan, you grant him your favor." - Asher Meier
  • "One of the few warlocks that I believe can keep his word." - Michael Baird
  • "He is my metric for discovering fools. He has been the active aegis of the realm of San Francisco, and this domain owes him regard for it. He is also wise far beyond his years, just in equal measure to his prodigious valor, and one of the most cunning warriors I have ever met. For that, all owe him respect. Those too stupid to grant it are often not worth the syllables in their name, and often not worth my time at all." - Amyntas
  • "Peyton, Peyton, Peyton. So very, VERY clever. I have yet to decide whether his mind is just sharp enough to cut off his own head... or even so much sharper that he will not notice when he does." - Augustin de Aragón


Inspirations from Reality and Fiction


Other OOC Information

Player: Jon Grimmer
Player Email:
Storyteller: Tanya Telson
Storyteller Email:
Location: Rohnert Park, Ca

Looking For

  • Friends, enemies, frenemies, fellow idealists, and maybe romantic ties.
  • Anything else that sounds interesting, I am always willing to work out some sort of character ties

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