Phaedra de Chalons

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Phaedra de Chalons

"L'appel du vide."


The Details

Name: Phaedra de Chalons
Clan: Ventrue
Dignitas: Esteemed
Lineage: Kardos
Childe: Simon Flint
Sire: Yana Teplova

What You May Have Heard

Phaedra de Chalons is something of a wallflower compared to the warriors of her house. Endlessly composed and deeply reserved, she is rarely the first person one notices at a party. She has been known to go into seclusion for decades at a time and protects her privacy jealously. That being said, she has a knack for polite conversation and in one-on-one settings has been known to display an arch wit and a wicked sense of humor. There is a rumor that once her fire shone much brighter, that she was a hellion and a pleasure seeking spit-fire in her youth. If that was ever true it seems the flame has gone cold and only the controlled woman in white remains.

The Rumors

  • Before Phaedra went into seclusion she used to wear jewels and bright colors, now she's only ever seen in white. What happened?
  • She went into seclusion because she nearly disgraced House Kardos' name, it wasn't of her own volition
  • Phaedra is the reason her broodmate is dead. Do you wonder why Yana never speaks of Marina anymore?
  • Don't let that staid demeanor fool you, she's a thrill junkie with a self-destructive streak a mile wide.
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The Whispers

  • "You never forget your first, whether speaking of lovers or of children. This one, though she will never believe it of herself, has made me proud and, when she lets herself, will do such great things and find happiness" - Yana Teplova
  • "I owe her everything. She took a street wretch, showed him there was more to life than living fast and dying young, and helped me make something of myself. I'm not sure I'll ever truly be able to properly repay her for that." - Simon Flint
  • "Phaedra's eye for talent and trouble is unmatched, and you will rarely meet an individual as dedicated. She wears more armor than any other in our House, but it makes the rare smile out of her all the more precious." - Dottie Youngblood
  • "She walked into the world again, as silence replaced the laughter and dangerously whispered risks I adored. Drowned in white, the only vivid color remaining, radiated from conflict filled eyes. Deep down she knows I meant every word. I will wait for her." - Numerius Villius Cursor
  • "She did not learn her composure from me... this iron will. But, if I am to have any hand in her shaping, I will push her toward the fire to make her steel. She has such untapped cunning and equanimity that when she realizes her own power, she will ascend to greatness. - Irma Kardos
  • "I do not know how this one escaped my notice, but now I am aware of her. We will see what her future holds." - David
  • "There are currently three living members of your Clan I do not outright dislike. Your Sire is among that number. It is my sincere hope that you are the fourth." - Carden d'Vergobret
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Solitaire, Marina and the Diamonds

I'll admit all I wanna do is get drunk and silent
Watch my life unfold all around me
Like a beautiful garden
I see flowers so tall they surround me
But oh my heart has hardened

Dreams, Bastille ft. Gabrielle Aplin

Like a heartbeat drives you mad
In the stillness of remembering
What you had
And what you lost

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