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Commonly Known Information

Name: Unknown

Shadow Name: Pharos

Notable Traits: A thick Yorkshire accent, but familiarity with the area and its customs that implies he's been here for at least a few years. He often is seen playing with a large coin or spinning a perfectly balanced brass and wood Magician's wand. He dresses well, often in a collared shirt and suit without tie. Occasionally a long black overcoat.

Type: Mage

Path: Mastigos Order: Guardian of the Veil


Beyond the implications of his accent and attire, little is known of his past. All that he has revealed is that his wand used to belong to his Grandfather, a stage magician.

His Awakening occurred while walking in Northampton, MA. He came across a group of Proximi attempting to summon supernal entities, and witnessed them succeed... and fail catastrophically. Their circle broke, they all died. The Goetia came after him, and he ran and fell. And fell. And landed at the foot of the Iron Tower. Back in the normal world, he reflexively improvised a Lightning Bolt and a mental assault on the pursuing monster. It died. And the resulting paradox blew out all of the windows on the street.

He was invited into the Consilium a day later, where he took a back seat and took the opportunity to learn about this new world. Later, he expressed interest in joining the Guardians and began his investigations under Persona's direction.

The day of Myst's Samhain Celebration came, and Pharos represented his Order. The last month had been productive, bringing him up to being a functional Mage. He gained a rapport with each species looking to join the Consilium; Vampire, Werewolf, Changeling, Beast. Pharos was present when the White Rabbit corrupted the Consilium's primary Demesne and Hallow.

Pharos took the position of Provost for his Order, and has since maintained authority with grace, power, and precision.


  • He works for someone of significant authority. National level Mundane authority.
  • He already has allies from all of the species he's met.


  • "Would you like a belly rub?" - Pharos to a gigantic spider Beast after being invited into its lair.
  • "I'm fond of second chances. What you did... You know now that it was wrong. You are now fully aware of the issue and its consequences. Don't do it again."
  • "Welcome. Don't fuck up. Don't get killed."
  • "Let's try not to piss off the walking talking cuisinarts. They are guests, after all."
  • "I don't prefer you silent. I prefer to shoot down the weak points in your argument to see if its strongest points will remain standing without crutches."
  • "Ethics are important to people. Goals are too. Decide where you sit on the balance."


  • "I d-don't know how anyone stays so professional when things are so terrible. I kind of hate it, b-but I really appreciate it, too. He must have seen some really, really bad stuff before." - Spindle
  • "Dude's got a good head on his shoulders, man. Reminds me of an' officer I knew back in th' Army. Always liked the guy, e'en if he was an officer. 'Course that same guy...ya knew he could fuck your whole life up if ya stepped outta line...yup, Pharos reminds me o' him." - The Gardener
  • "Direct. I appreciate that." - Tag
  • "A man of action and detailed plans when all around is chaos. Priorities might need a little work, but his heart is definitely in the right place, and he's definitely trying. That counts for a lot, he's a good example of why our magical cousins are necessary." - Eliza Townsend

OOC Information

Player: Cameron N.

Player Email:

Storyteller: Simone Tanzi

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Location: Amherst Amherst, MA