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Name: Báihú (白狐)
Alias: Philipe Reynard
Breed: Kitsune Shinjin
Auspice: Kataribe (Galliard)
Rank: Elder
Status: Nine Tails
Renown: Rank: Glory, Honor, Honor, Wisdom, Wisdom. Fleeting: Glory, Honor, Wisdom, Wisdom
Pack: Guardians of the Renewed Earth
Position: Talesinger: Wayward Caern


Player: Errol Logan
Member #: US2014070123
Storyteller: Kitty C..
Coordinator: Abby Estes
Other Characters: Shadowrun
Ties Sought: Up for anything


Presentation and Personality

Báihú is a portly, middle aged man with a severely receding hairline. Despite this he has a certain supernatural level of charm and physical attractiveness. He's apparently of European descent and has ginger hair and beard, flecked with the silver of age. He is often dressed in extremely flashy clothing in styles that were popular in China last year.

Think "Zen Master" crossed with "Naughty Little Boy". He often does things for what seem to be odd reasons, explaining his actions as "My Dharma"

Baihu Fox Photo.jpg


  • "I Free You to do Anything Else Necessary to Achieve Our Goals"
  • "Baihu is one of the few Shifters I've met who understands what it means to be old." - 'Spector
  • "He is an actual knight in a shining coat. I don't expect him to rescue any damsels in distress, but he can keep a party going." - Muertow
  • "My elder cousin and I have more in common than we do not. Consequently, we do not always see eye to eye, and frequently I find myself debating between whether * "I should arrange for his assassination the young say, 'back his play'. That is truly the mark of family, for me, that I so often want to strangle him, but I always find myself on his side anyway." - Grace of Heaven
  • "Báihú makes the best stole evar! He is a true friend and staunch ally, SquadGoals has his back!" - Josephine "Thundercat" Trevino
  • Baihu-sama is an amazing and kind man. I've never met somebody that had a bigger heart than him. Whenever I see him, I can't help but be filled with joy and awe. - Azumi Akahoshi
  • "He looks like he's forty. That means he probably directed the three wise men over to the manger." - Alex Drake
  • "We got one good prank off on him and it was worth the wait." - Dances in the Twilight Waves, the Unborn Awakened
  • -"Your quote here." - Character Name


  • Báihú, and all former Beast Court members are constantly followed by invisible, undetectable assassins who will instantly slay them if they reveal the dark truth of the Court of the Emerald Mother.
  • Báihú has worked as an Assassin in the past.
  • There's a reason why he appears to be Middle Aged.
  • Does not like his theories to be challenged and proven wrong.
  • -"Your rumor here."


  • Yoda
  • Buddha
  • Tony Stark
  • Elon Musk
  • Richard Branson


Grinds My Gears



1117: Beijing

I am Born in a small village 50 miles to the east of Beijing. My parents lived on an isolated estate. They were descended from generations of Christian missionaries from Europe: wealthy traders, diplomats, spies, go betweens, surrounded by Kinfolk. I am treasured through the awkward years where I cannot change forms, but I know where my destiny lies. I am raised to understand that I have a duty, but I am not pushed. My parents know that I have a long time ahead of me. I still write them both, but since I can’t go home again, I miss them.

1147: Outskirts of Beijing

My mother slowly, carefully nudges me into changing form for the first time. Getting a fox to Rage is not easy. She creates the illusion that my brothers and sisters are in danger and that’s all it takes. I chase her until the frenzy wears off and learn a strong lesson.

1239 AD: My parents decide to travel the world. They leave Beijing and we go our separate ways. I am placed in charge of a portion of the family’s wealth. This is the beginning of my fortune. I join the Beast Court in Beijing and serve in minor capacities.

1240 AD- 1500 AD: I travel the majority of Asia, building relationships. On a visit to Eastern China I encounter my first Garou. I am beset by dark skinned undead creatures with poisoned blades. I am dying but I am rescued by a giant of a man who calls himself “Karl” He is a mercenary signed on with one of the trade missions. He runs off the undead and protects me while my wounds heal. He has strength and honor and we travel together for a time. He dies allowing me to escape a wyrm monstrosity.

1500: I make my way to Tibet. I have become bored with earning money. I am vastly more wealthy than any individual needs, and my business enterprises run themselves. I am seeing enlightenment and am following the ways of Buddha. I studied at a monastery there under the tutelage of Chinese Kitsune. This was my first introduction to the Beast Courts. I join but never become deeply involved. For a time, a single student came to us, a Garou. We were siblings together at the monastery some time before they passed on. I swear a great oath to seek out my sibling in future lives and to answer when they call. I am unable to cope with this mortal’s death and depart the monastery for the world once again.

1600: My family has maintained my wealth and connections and they are welcome there, There are numerous interactions with caucasians so my appearance is not much commented on and my facility with the newcomers languages has me working often as a diplomat and translator. Here I become known as 白狐 (Báihú.) or “The White Fox”.

A Portuguese ship comes bringing trade goods. One of the sailors is Garou. A former slave from a place called “America” who escaped his chains when he had his first change. He aids me in disposing of a particularly pesky spirit that had been bedeviling the local area. He takes a wife from among the local people and his son returns to America. Eventually he falls in battle with one of the Hakken.

1700: I enter into a long term trading partnership with an Alchemist who travels to China to seek out strange ingredients. I discover she is a Tetrasominan (A proto-glasswalker) mystery cultist from a place called Venice. Together we become even more unspeakably wealthy, and all of the wonders of international finance are made known to me. Eventually she does not return from one of her trips home. I later discover that her entire branch of the Tribe sacrifices themselves to destroy a mighty Bane.

1750: I mysteriously age twenty five years. I do not often speak about why. I become "He who Has Known Age." to the local Kitsune.


I get caught up in World War II. Because of my appearance I’m assigned to infiltrate American units in the Pacific Theatre. I’m a combat medic and translator, and spy. I work diligently to eliminate my accent. I get to know many more Americans and become fascinated by the culture. In my American unit, I am partnered with a Garou who talks of longing for his home in New York. We become buddies. He is mortally wounded and I vow to care for his descendants as well. I come to believe that neither side of the war is right and am Horrified at the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I settle in Japan in the Post War era and go back to the family business of earning money, as it’s the only thing I’ve ever been good at.

I believe that the Sunset People have honor and am a quiet voice in the Beast Courts both for the acceptance of the Stargazers and the normalization of relations in 2009.

In early 2009, at the behest of a Stargazer Packmate, I take my leave of the Beast Courts and travel to New York. I call in every favor, and burn every bridge and manage to enact the rescue of many cubs and kinfolk during the Battle of the Green.

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