Phillip Downs

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"I am, in general, favourable to activism and social movements and hostile to graft and corruption."
-Tariq Ali

Status= Neonate
Domain=Portland, OR
Contact Info =Dan Meier
VST =Jim (Portland IVST)

Phillip Downs

LogoVampireAnkh.png Information Known by Kindred Society

Yeah, Anarchs!

Phillip is currently a member of The Argent Host, a gang whose membership is split between Portland, OR and The Bahamas.

LogoVampireAnkh.png The Argent Host

Lenore Haywood
Carmen Matters
Jentry Nix
Misha Solokov
Lisa Marie

LogoVampireAnkh.png Timeline

Circa 1985 – Embraced.
1985 – 1997 Under the Accounting.
1997 - 1998 – Went to ground in Portland to avoid the hunters.
1998 – Joined the Anarch Movement.
1998 - Recruited into the Argent Host by Misha Solokov.

LogoVampireAnkh.png Rumors

LogoVampireAnkh.png Quotes

  • "He hates it when I call him "Flip". I do it anyways. It's not done for spite; I think he sometimes needs a reminder that he's a Ventrue Anarch." - Jentry Nix
  • "We have a difference in methodology but he is efficient. I have learned as much from his approach as I hope he has of mine." - Zero
  • "Your Quote Here." - You

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