Phoebe Gwydion

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"The future lies with the living, they are the ones that build it, that make it come to be.
They each contain a piece of a puzzle, a shredded map that they follow.
A careful eye can read that map, if they're willing to look inside."

Commonly Known Information

Name: Phoebe Gwydion

Notable Traits: Oracle

Society: Camarilla, Primogen

Clan: Malkavian, Ananke

From: South Carolina, USA

Resides: Vancouver, Canada (previously Kelowna 1971-2018)



Phoebe Gwydion née Ryans b. 1889 / g. 1906 / e. 1907

You can't change the future, but you can prepare for it. Phoebe is happy to offer this service to the Camarilla, endearing herself to Elders who want to know what the next few years will be like. For Princes who want to protect their Praxis, she's there to keep the Ivory Tower standing.

In interactions, Phoebe is a Know-it-All. Seeing the future has gone right to her head, and she refuses to accept anything that goes against what she's seen. When not telling the future she's polite and ladylike, a true southern belle... until it's time for work. Elbow-deep in a pig's carcass, she'll tell you what you need to know without concern for the stains on her dress.

Hailing from the American south, her mother attracted her Sire's attention with her penchant for reading tarot. Phoebe survived the chaos that was her ghouled mother, only to be ghouled herself when her mother proved to be too unstable. Luckily Phoebe also had the gift of sight, and earned her embrace after predicting the Panic of 1907.



  • Noble as the Malkavian Primogen of Vancouver



  • Rumors say that many kindred who have attempted to alter Phoebe's visions have met with terrible fates, including a final death or two...


"Phoebe? She's a lady of charm and grace - time spent with her is sure to be memorable. On a not-unrelated note, if you happen to know a trick for getting mingled mud and pig's blood out of clothing, would you let me know?"

~ Jade Ransen, Brujah Neonate

"Primogen Gwydion's prophecies are exceedingly accurate, though one does occasionally need an understanding of the esoteric in order to fully take advantage of them. That said, I do wish she would stop violating the sanctity of my home and performing her rituals on my dining room table..."

~ Kira Mantle, the late Ventrue Seneschal of Kelowna

"Grandma-ma is truly a gem. Always being all adorable and trying to recruit me to the Camarilla. She's a wonder to talk to, and it's always fun to blow her mind with a surprise. Just remember Grandma-ma, Anarch equals open mind"

~ Lucius Brown, Lasombra Baron of Surrey

"Phoebe Gwydion is an exceptional example of efficiency, common sense and manners. To borrow a phrase from Austin’s Brujah Primogen, Ms. Gwydion has been so impressive, if she is desires of the distinction, she may claim to be “Double Totes Favored’ from Elder Kosto Raav and myself." - March 7, 2018

~ Olivia Collins, Master Harpy of Austin, Texas

"Few monsters wear such polite visages. It almost lets you forget what we are, each in our own special way."

~ Jimmy Kincaid

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