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Name: Phoenix

Notable Traits: Very pleasant to look at (Appearance Focus), androgynous, piercing blue eyes.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Caitiff

City: Santo Domingo, DR


Gender: Non-binary [They/Them/Theirs]
Apparent Age: 22
Actual Age: 60
Height: 6'1"
Hair: Long, blonde
Eyes: Blue
Build: Slight

Acknowledged (Neonate)
Lesser Status Ban (Known Caitiff)

  • 1958 - Born
  • 1968 - Parents die in mysterious circumstances.
  • 1970 - Diagnosed with Leukemia
  • 1973 - Leukemia is thought to go into remission.
  • 1977 - Leukemia comes back unexpectedly and Phoenix spends all their money on treatment, which has no effect. Out of options, is cured by the efforts of Ailis Cárthach.
  • 1980 - Embraced by Shade, who immediately rejected Phoenix upon realising they had become a Caitiff, leaving them to fend for themselves.
  • 1994-1995 - Meets Brenda, and assists her with getting identification papers.
  • 2014 - Meets Sunny, owner of Phoenix’s favourite online occult shop, befriends her.
  • 2018 - Moves to Santo Domingo with Sunny to see what adventures await them there.


  • Only four people have seen their true face.
  • Isn't afraid of the dark.
  • Seems to be well-liked by Clan Malkavian, maybe in their minds they see what Phoenix is capable of?
  • Phoenix was recently given a set of antique blades by an Elder of the Tower. Whether the Elder intends further contact, or has a particular mission in mind for the young vampire, is unknown.. for now.
  • Is actually a Nosferatu.
  • Is actually a Malkavian.
  • Is actually a Gargoyle.
  • Is actually a Tremere.
  • Is actually a Toreador.
  • Phoenix is actually Malkavian nobility. They are masquerading as caitiff to determine who is trustworthy for their army.
  • (Feel free to add your own)
  • "I never had a best friend till I crossed paths with them. Who cares if they are clanless. Got a problem with it? Talk to me." Sunny
  • "A Cammie Caitiff? I feel sorry for them, since most are going to treat them like utter trash. Because Elders and the fucking Kool-Aid drinkers think Caitiff are wrong, they're kindred too. I've never once hated Caitiff." Juniper Durham
  • "This one intrigues me." Catherine Foxley
  • "Why in the fuck do those pole ass fuckers have a problem with them is beyond me. They don't even mind the scales." Desiree Maddox
  • "They are very skilled at assisting in certain matters. Reliable. Discreet. And, best of all, a friend." Brenda Bittersea
  • "Not hu-ood." Tooth
  • "They have their uses." Ailis Cárthach
  • "Having an issue with Phoenix is having a problem with me, and in turn, with my clan. Think carefully before you insult or upset them." Apophis
  • "My sweet kitten, I wonder sometimes if you know the dangerous trails you follow. I wish I could keep you from them. I wish I could destroy those that would see you hunted. -Rita
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  • Sunny - Best friend. Coterie-mate.
  • Rita - A good and kind friend, Herder of Cats. Coterie-mate.
  • Ailis - Saviour to whom Phoenix feels indebted.
  • Juniper - Phoenix's favourite loud Anarch.
  • Mercy - A long-time friend, and a very close ally.
  • Hlif - A good friend, Mistress of Beasts.
  • Ingolf - A good friend, fiercest of Bears.
  • Brenda - A good and trusted friend, another favourable Malkavian in their life.
  • Apophis - A good friend and at times bodyguard for the poor Caitiff.
  • Tooth - A... hugesharkmonsterwhattheactualfuck... that seems to go where Phoenix does often.
  • Chelsea - An associate as far as the public eye is concerned.
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Phoenix's Themes (Playlist)

  • Mushroomhead - We Are the Truth
  • Darude - Sandstorm
  • Aviators - No More Heroes
  • Leo Moracchioli - Stressed Out (Metal cover)
  • Lacuna Coil - Trip the Darkness
  • Korn - Another Brick in the Wall
  • Korn - Twisted Transistor
  • Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark
  • The Rolling Stones - Paint it Black
  • Papa Roach - Between Angels and Insects
  • Tokyo Ghoul OST - Unravel
  • Kansas - Carry On My Wayward Son
  • Slipknot - Before I Forget
  • Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
  • Distant Worlds - Bombing Mission
  • System of a Down - Lonely Day
  • Fall Out Boy - Immortals (Don Ellis Remix)
  • Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists
  • Apocalyptica - Not Strong Enough
  • Apocalyptica - Broken Pieces
  • Papa Roach - I Almost Told You I Loved You
  • Disturbed - A Reason To Fight
  • Bloodywood - Jee Veerey
  • Puddles Pity Party - All The Small Things
  • Terrorvision - Some People Say
  • The Birthday Massacre - Down
  • Bloodywood - Endurant

Player: Drakka
Story Teller: None - Character retired
Coordinator: Josie R
Location: OOC Tradewinds, IRC (England).