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"What you don't see backstage is what really controls the show."
- Sarah Sutton

Game Information

Our game is held on the first full weekend every month. We play on Saturday, location to be announced before game. Currently we have been alternating between a few community centers.

Downtime Submissions

To help out our players, we've created a Downtime Submission Form in Google Forms. Feel free to submit your downtimes here:

Downtime Submission Form

Mailing List

DMH Apocalypse In Character List

Proxying to Phoenix

Players who wish to proxy their characters into the venue must submit a complete character sheet and experience log; a brief write-up of the character's attitude, personality and motivation for attending the game; a brief write-up of the character's intentions; and a brief write-up of the character's reactions to possible situations, to the VST of this venue and that of their home Venue. If approval from the home venue VST is not obtained, the proxy will be denied. The presiding ST does not guarantee that their PC and/or all of their items, abilities, and such will be approved for use in game if it is felt that the character’s presence or actions will be detrimental for the local game.

In addition, the proxying player is encouraged to find a local player to play their character, if that character is going to appear at a live game session. All proxies into this venue are HARD proxies. All proxy requests should be submitted as far in advance of the game as possible.

Travel Risks

There are umbral storms within the boundaries of this domain, and in the surrounding state of Arizona as per the Regional VSS. Characters traveling to or from Phoenix must detail how they are traveling, and acknowledge that these risks may require side scenes.

Game Calendar

We keep our local game schedule on a Google Calendar, linked below:

DMH Game Calendar