Phoenix Spirits

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"All that spirits desire, spirits attain."
- Kahlil Gibran

Dangers in the Umbra

Umbral storms have forever altered how the Garou interact with the Umbra and travel through its realms. Umbral realms that were once familiar and safe are now dangerous and chaotic. Anchorheads were destroyed and Moon Bridges diverted in ways that shifted the locations of realms, pushing some into the Penumbra, while others became part of the Deep Umbra, their terrors and power growing in incomprehensible ways. Traveling the Umbra is arduous at best and deadly if you are unlucky. Only the bawn of a great caern or shard caern provides sanctuary from the storms, allowing Garou to explore the Umbra without risk.

Caern Totem

The Sodals
Incarna Totem of Respect
The Sodal spirits were the patrons of old Anglo-Saxon frankpledges, of brotherhoods of Spartan warriors, and of innumerable Garou packs who used these spirits of unity to bind their packs and septs together. A Sodal will unify any group as tightly as heart could wish; so strong are they that the Wyrm has sought to corrupt them, and has seduced a few of these kinship-spirits into becoming the horrifying Serpent Fathers. Sodal also favor the rare Kin who run in packs with their Garou families, maintaining that these humans are simply being one with their families. They are fond of any pack that accepts Kin. They appear as idealized warriors appropriate to the setting; a Sodal assisting a Glass Walker pack in Rome might appear as a perfect centurion in gleaming gold armor, while a New York Sodal might appear in the guise of a heroic-seeming street gang leader.

Totem Ban: Any sowers of discord will find themselves and their pack abandoned by the Sodals. This applies to any Garou or Kin who starts or abets fighting, discord and arguments. Legitimate differences of opinion are unavoidable, but deliberate malice will drive off the Sodals.

Wyld Spirits in Phoenix

Incarna Totem of Wisdom
Totem Ban: Monsoon’s followers must always dance in the Monsoon’s display of power when a storm appears.

Weaver Spirits in Phoenix

Internet “Tendrils” Exchange Point
Incarna Totem of Cunning
Totem Ban: All knowledge is worth having. All. Garou who follow “Tendrils” must post something factual on the internet to help further the exchange and spread of knowledge at least once a week.

Wyrm Spirits in Phoenix

To be discovered... mwah ha ha!