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Name: Pia de Baresi di Giovanni

Notable Traits: Generally Quiet, often squinting, dresses in reds and blacks, dark sunken circles around her eyes, looks "corpse-y"

Society: Independent Alliance

Clan: Giovanni


Human: Pia was born in 1569 just outside Florence, Italy. She was the second youngest of 6 though only 2 children in her family made it to adulthood. Her mortal family worked closely with the Giovannis and supported some of their endeavors financially and politically. Due to this successful working relationship, an agreement was made for her to marry into the Giovanni household, solidifying the working relationship for the next generation. Pia di Baresi was sent to Claudio Giovanni’s household to help look after his mortal children and estate soon after his wife unexpectedly passed away. It was negotiated that she would also eventually wed Claudio’s nephew, Lorenzo, who was being fostered at the estate. After years of faithful service to Claudio, and after an unexpected accident left Lorenzo dead, she was embraced into the Famiglia.

Embrace: Pia was embraced on the Easter feast day/Day of embrace in 1602. She then spent the next few hundred years with her Sire and served the Famiglia in the manners they saw fit. She has developed the habit of being as unassuming as possible, and she works tirelessly to support and uphold the Famiglia.

Since 1902 she has been sent out on her own in the Americas, working to supply the Famiglia knowledge and helping to set up places of operation for other Giovanni.

Most recently, with the founding of the IA, she has been working within a Coterie that specializes in security- both physical security and supernatural security.

Presently, she is working out of the Boston area, re-securing Martha’s Vineyard for the Famiglia, assisting the IA in its territories, and being a point of contact for the local Camarilla for supernatural threat assessment and containment.



  • Accepted



  • Courteous - Doyen Ambrose Goddard



  • Her Sire doesn't talk about her as his Childer, though he does not lie if asked about her directly.
  • Her pallor is the result of diablorizing a Cappadocian.
  • She has a wicked mean streak.


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