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A Word on Player Safety

Pierce Cross is an exploration of the horrific themes of the Sabbat, and draws inspiration from dark fictional works such as Silence of the Lambs, Se7en and From Hell. This page and my play in the game involves gore and disturbing themes that not everyone would be comfortable with or enjoy.

If you do not enjoy playing out such themes or reach any limit you have, I beg you to let me know at any time. If you play in a VSS that uses safety and check-in measures, please use them and I will make sure to use them as well. This is not my game just because I am playing a horrific character. This is our game we share together.

- Matthew Webb, US2002021818

"Like all true art, my work justifies itself. It needs no purpose. Its existence is argument enough for its creation."
- Pierce Cross, Conversation with Zână
On the Skin
Name:Pierce Cross (born Pierre Delacroix)
Clan:Toreador Antitribu
Positions:Priest of Omnia Vanitas
Templar of The High Desert
Pack:Omnia Vanitas
  • Initiated into the Sabbat
  • Ordained as Priest of Omnia Vanitas
  • Enforcer for His Excellency Serafino Morreti as Templar of the High Desert
  • Devout for his excellence in the Ritae, by Archbishop Alexandra Tenebris
  • Loyal for his devotion to the Sword, by Archbishop Serafino Morreti
  • Loyal for his bringing of enlightenment to others of the sect, by Babel, Bishop of Spirituality for the High Desert
  • Honorable for the truths revealed by his art and words, by Archbishop Serafino Morreti

Pierce is a consummate artist of flesh and bone, but uses not one bit of Vicissitude. His brushes are knives, hooks and scalpels; fishing line and rope; formaldehyde and glass. His paints are blood, bile and veins; skin, bone and marrow. They are enthralling to say the least, and those who have seen a work bearing his signature cannot deny its enrapturing skill (Crafts 7).

Beyond his sadism and obsession with halcyon moments of artistic perfection, Pierce is a devout member of the sect. He reveres Caine's journey and wisdom as the ideal for all Cainites to follow, and is a known follower and teacher of the Path of Caine. He executes his ritae with both style and devotion, often with ritual tools of his own crafting.

His role as a teacher and advocate for the sect along with his sadistic wit has led to him being a well-connected if infuriating member of the Sect. He has the ear of many ranking members of the sect, often despite themselves. And he is not one to keep quiet about matters, though he always delivers with a certain style.


"I hold you all in equal contempt, a true image of neutrality..."
- Pierce Cross, Announcement of Monomacy Arbitration
Cutting In
Notable Traits
  • Follows a Path
  • Scholar of the Sword
  • Eerie Presence - Unblinking Gaze, Scent of Old Blood
  • Obviously versed in the lore of Caine, perhaps more. And is more than willing to debate finer theological points
  • Relies heavily on religious themes - both mortal and immortal - in his works.
  • His bone work, the most presentable and lasting of his creations, can be found as Vaulderie chalices and other Sabbat artifacts.
  • Was responsible for recruiting several prominent members of the sect into the Sabbat

There are some vampires which can only be Sabbat - and Pierce is certainly one of them. A well-dressed smiling monster, amused with the click-clack nose of his beautifully decorated knife. Beyond a doubt, he is a Toreador, able to speak at great lengths about the great masters of art and appreciative of the beauty of the world. And even more beyond a doubt, he is Sabbat. He speaks of Caine and his blessed nature with great confidence, executes the Ritae with a skill and power that the theatrics of his blood only enhances.

Pierce has been active in the United States since the 19th century. Despite the bloody nature of his chosen canvases, he has avoided mortal interest. He cleans up after himself, or leaves his works in such places that the enemies of the sect are forced to deal with removing them. He claims he has achieved complete perfection in his work four times in his centuries of existence.

In defiance of what most might expect upon hearing "flesh artist of the Sabbat", Pierce refuses to use or learn the Vicissitude of the Tzimisce. He refers to it as a crutch, or even "cheating". He will argue this for hours, as he has many times with Tzimisce who appreciate the beauty of his work but insist it could be something... more. His responses often delve into the very nature of art itself. At least some things are apparently consistent among the Toreador of all sects.

  • 1747 AD: Born January 20th, 1747 in Avignon, France, as Pierre Delacroix.
  • 1775 AD: Embraced by his sire, Cosimo, an unaligned Toreador.
  • 1775-1793 AD: Pierre has a tumultuous, bitter and demanding relationship with his sire Cosimo and Cosimo's favored ghoul Eleonora. Pierre begins discovering his true art, and attracts the attention of Genevieve, a Sabbat infiltrator taking advantage of the French Revolution.
  • 1794 AD: Pierre fully refines his true art despite his sire. Upon being discovered by Eleonora, he kills her and turns her into a "masterpiece" in Cosimo's chambers. Cosimo is enraptured by the piece when it is discovered, and Pierre diablerizes him while he is defenseless.
  • 1795-1874 AD: Pierre travels with Genevieve to Milan, and takes residence for the next 80 years.
  • 1875 AD: Pierre moves to the United States, following waves of European immigration. He takes the name Pierce Cross. He is a relative nomad, traveling under the hospitality of various allies and "friends" within the Sabbat hierarchy, including various prominent Lasombra.
  • 2018 AD: After his pack dies or is scattered in the Nights of Turmoil, Pierce finally takes up permanent residence in San Marcos.
"Petty vendettas are not just an acceptable reason for laying low the mighty. They are the only reason. Anything else would lack poetry."
- Pierce Cross, Conversation with Serafino
Tongues and Ears
  • Aleksei, Gargoyle packmate. "Beautiful, as always."
  • Zedd, Nosferatu Antitribu packmate. Recruited into the Sabbat in the 1930s. "The son I never had."
  • Shaelle Masseau, Lasombra Bishop of Information, Diocese of Flagstaff, AZ. Former packmate until the mid-20th century. Recruited her into the Sabbat in the mid-1800s. Fellow Noddist.
  • Serafino Morreti, Lasombra Archbishop of the High Desert. At times a rival, at others a co-conspirator, and perhaps even friend. Or the closest thing Pierce has to them. Pierce currently "serves" as Templar to Serafino, mainly as a go-between, herald and voice elsewhere in the country.
  • Vox Umbra, Lasombra Elder. Adequate.

I am always interested in in-character ties. Pierce has had many victims, many students and many targets over his unlife.

  • His frequent use of angels and religion in his works points to the fact he's given up faith in Caine for some heretical older beliefs focusing on the angels instead of the Dark Father.
  • His less obvious works can be found in galleries throughout the world under dozens of pseudonyms.
  • He has left or sent unsolicited gifts of his art to Toreador across all sects. Some elders have even commissioned works from him, through the safety of intermediaries of course.
  • He was a butcher's son when he was embraced, not an artist. Pure shovel head.
  • He is so bold even some Camarilla princes find him courageous.
  • Add your own rumor here...
  • "I will admit to the elegance of his works. However, I still believe they could be so much more. Form and function. Beauty with purpose." - Zână
  • "While I can appreciate his devotion to the Sabbat, I really wish he would take up a new hobby. Maybe collecting coins or stamps or really anything that doesn’t leave such a mess to have to cover up. It’s hard to pass off a death as an animal attack when the skin has been removed and reattached inside out. I mean really WTF?" - Henry Dorsett
  • "He is intense. He is devout. He is what the Sabbat should be. I will forgive his treatment of Mother, and seek his wisdom as I begin my holy journey." - Abel
  • "First impressions aren't everything, are they? I'm sure we can figure out a dynamic that'll benefit both of us." - Britney
  • "We are one in the same. Birds of a feather... only his work is much prettier than mine!" - Zedd
  • "I'll be the first to admit that I'm relatively new to this Toreador thing, but maybe if he calmed down with the threats- perceived and overt- he'd find himself with more allies. I don't deny that his his work is pretty breathtaking, though." - Delilah
  • "Your quote." - Your Name
"Without Beethoven, Bach or Bowie, mortals would be completely pointless."
- Pierce Cross
Eyes and Throat
Warning: All these links can contain graphic subject matter and gore.
Examples of His Art
"I am truly honored to share this beautiful moment with you."
- Pierce Cross, last words heard by his victims