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Commonly Known to Kindred Society

Name: Pieter Solodovnikov aka "The Bear"

Notable Traits: Appears to be a brooding young man in his early 20's, often dressed in a simple yet functional suit. He holds himself publicly to the letter of the law for Ventrue decorum. Though he is usually clean shaven, He has been seen in a hagardly state when not tending to business.

Society: Anarch

Clan: Ventrue

Faction (Ventrue Only): Knights of Blood

Dignitas (Ventrue Only): Vaunted

Faction (Anarch Only): Free State Militia

Lineage: House Nova
Childe of Svetlana Czernin
Childe of Svein Magnussen of Tønder
Childe of Ansgär Svendsen
Childe of Marcella of Naples
Childe of Mithras


Mortal Timeline
  • [1503] Prague, Czech Republic: Pieter is born
  • [1513-1521] Prague, Czech Republic: Pieter is raised on the streets; he raises from the ranks of lowly thuggish urchin to strong-arm merchant of both legitimate and illegitimate enterprises
  • [1521-1527] Prague, Czech Republic: Pieter is employed as a paid retainer by Svetlana Czernin after she notices his business prowess and ruthlessness

Vampiric Timeline

  • [1527] Prague, Czech Republic: Pieter is embraced by Svetlana Czernin
  • [1527-1577] Prague, Czech Republic: Pieter enters Agoge (Accounting)
  • [1528] As a test of perception and etiquette, Pieter attends “The Promise” at the behest of Svetlana
  • [1528-1531] Europe: Pieter expands his mortal influence on his journey to and from “The Promise;” enters the silver trade
  • [1531-1565] Prague, Czech Republic: Pieter returns to his business expansion
  • [1565-1577] Prague, Czech Republic: Pieter is dedicatedly interested in swordsmanship; hosts several Renaissance Tournaments as he studies and hones his craft.
  • [1577] Ribe, Denmark: Svetlana releases Pieter Solodovnikov from Agoge (Accounting); Svetlana gifts him Chudenice Castle and lands to form an estate.
  • [1577-1648] Chudenice, Czech Republic: expands his estate and builds a venture empire based in his continued silver trade; expands to Becherovka .
  • [1648-1748] Eastern Mediterranean Europe and Ottoman Empire: *intentionally left opened for Player Character Ties.
  • [1651-1652] Commits to a sitting for Elder Zanobi di Tommaso dala Vachio for a sculpture from the master craftsman, begins a long journey of friendship.
  • [1653] Pieter embraces Valeera Aydemir after he finds her family to control important ports, finds her love of violence to almost match his own.
  • [1654] Enters into business arrangements with an Anarch Lasombra named Caliban, expanding his influence over the liquor trade
  • [1748-1786] Turkey and Eastern Mediterranean Europe: Pieter travels the Ottoman Empire in search of the formula to Damasene Steel. Trains under Elder Darius Montbard of House Du Val at this time. Sworn to Elder Ilythia L'ange Du Val during this period.
  • [1786-1908] Pula, Croatia: Pieter muscles into the shipping world; develops lucrative export service for precious metals and Eastern European regional liquor to the Caribbean and the New World
  • [1802] Pula, Croatia: Pieter embraces (???)
  • [1852] Willemstad, Curacao: Pieter releases (???) from Agoge (Accounting)
  • [1908-2016] Blue Pan, Bonaire: Pieter establishes an estate, a solar salt trade as a legitimate venture, and a liquor (main export is rum) distribution enterprise as an illicit venture
  • [1914] Willemstad, Curacao: Ansgär Svendsen declares House Ribe Edict - Beltane Edict
  • [1974] Willemstad, Curacao: Ansgär Svendsen declares House Ribe Edict - Lughnasadh Edict; Pieter assists in Magnus Whitehaven's death
  • [1995] Willemstad, Curacao: Ansgär Svendsen declares House Ribe Edict - Samhain Edict
  • [2011] Pieter participated in Hardestadt the Younger’s Final Death as the martial representative of House Ribe.
  • [2012] Attends the Chicago Blood Accord, against its ideals, citing the failure of past treaties
  • [2015] Willemstad, Curacao: Ansgär Svendsen declares House Ribe Edict - Yule Edict
  • [2016] Pieter joins the Anarch Movement with House Ribe (re-named House Nova)
  • [2016] Savannah, Ga: Pieter moves to Savannah, Ga
  • [2017] Attends the "Battle of Brooklyn"
  • [2017] Joins the Knights of Blood (Ventrue Only)
  • [2017] Elected Constable of the Coastal Empire (Savannah area)
  • [2018] Stepped up and assumed the Mantle of Baron of The Coastal Empire of Georgia (Savannah area)
  • [2018] Constructs a massive training center for the Knights of Blood to bolster its numbers. (Ventrue Only)
  • [2018] Spearheads Network of Safe Houses for Knights of Blood to secure assets. (Ventrue Only)
  • [2018] Chosen to fill the role of Second Centurion. (Ventrue Only)
  • [2018] Leads his domain into signing on with the UFS (United Free States)
  • [2018] Leads the Knights of Blood in defense of Dignitaries in New York City.
  • [2019] Assisted the Movement in the hunt and capture of the Infernalist Nash.


  • "Some say the pen is mightier than the sword. Does your pen command legions? If not, rethink your strategy." -Pieter Solodovnikov
  • "There are many rumors as to why I have chosen him for my blood. Would you care to see which are true?" -Svetlana Czernin
  • "He's always been a valuable friend. A smuggler's smuggler." - Jaime Mendoza
  • "People sleep soundly in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."
  • "You must show no mercy...Nor have any belief whatsoever in how others judge you...For you greatness will silence them all."
  • "Sir Solodovnikov has all of the passion and bravado that I would hope for among the Knights. He keeps our mutual enemies on their toes." Luciana Santora DuVal
  • "Attention to detail. Planning. Situational awareness. Charisma. Wit. All tools in the arsenal of an effective Baron. If each were a card in his deck, one should hardly be surprised when he reveals a Royal Flush fitting of a True King." Luciana Santora DuVal
  • "The sheep pretend the wolf will never come. The sheepdog lives for that day."
  • "When one chooses to take the hard road, to walk the uneasy path, it is all the sweeter to come across a fellow traveler with a swift mind, a steadfast stride, and the strength to follow through." - Dottie Youngblood
  • "If you believe anything I ever say, it should be this; my commitment and devotion are truly second to none...save Pieter's. He is my example, the compass by which I have long set my own course. An you respect me, know that Pieter is deserving of more than mere fond regard. He is a King and owed obeisance." - Yves-Valère Seurat


  • Svetlana did not embrace him, and he is actually a Brujah she hired as a bodyguard.
  • Svetlana did not embrace him, and he is actually an Assamite she hired as a bodyguard.
  • Svetlana did not embrace him, and he is actually a Lasombra she hired as a bodyguard.
  • Pieter is little more than a rabid dog kept on a leash by his lord.
  • He is as chivalrous as they come, don't believe the naysayers.
  • It is said that he collects wines and liquors, and has bottles going back as far as 500 years.
  • He destroyed the competition in the sword ring in Prague, even killed a few Knights out of hand.
  • It is said he gifts two silver coins to those whom he intends to kill.
  • Some Say he was among those who killed Hardestadt in 2011.
  • Some say Ansgar had him assassinate Jan Pieterzoon, when Jan attempted to blackmail his House.
  • Rumor has it he has culled any of his line that defied Ansgär Svendsen.
  • Its been said he funds projects for bringing petty criminals back into society.
  • There are whispers that Pieter has armed the entire Movement of the South Eastern United States.
  • Pieter has been known to speak a multitude of Eastern European and Middle Eastern languages.
  • He has sometimes been referred to as "The Black Knight of Prague", indeed some believe he was the Iron Knight, butcher of Prague.
  • Some say he rules due to prestation held over many Elders of the Camarilla.

Known Allies and Associates

Mood Music

  • Bad Blood - Ministry
  • Cry Little Sister - Gerard McMann
  • Undertaker Renholder mix - Puscifer
  • More - Sisters of Mercy
  • Hazy Shade of Winter - Bangles
  • Indestructible - Disturbed
  • Come with me now - Kongos

Character Inspiration

  • The Hound - Game of Thrones
  • Elijah - The Originals
  • Creasy - Man on Fire
  • William Money - Unforgiven

OOC Information

Player: Jimmy Lindsey

Player Email: szlachta2010116928@gmail.com

Storyteller: Scott Knight

Storyteller Email: dst.savannah@gmail.com

Location: Savannah, GA