Piety Baranov

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Piety Baranov

Homid Shadow Lord Theurge

Homid Name: Piety Baranov

Deed Name: Seals the Breach

Rank: Fostern

Auspice: Theurge

Tribe: Shadow Lords



  • Homid:

  • Lupus: A black furred lanky wolf with white markings on his front paws.

  • Crinos: A towering hulk of black fur, his build is more lithe and quick than muscular. His fur from his hands to elbow are stark white.


  • 2018 - Moves to Boston. Seeks out the Sept of the Eastern Skies.
    • Becomes Master of Rites for the Sept of the Eastern Skies
    • Leads Ritual to seal the Broken Lands in Boston Commons, Spirits name him Seals the Breach for the successful completion
  • 2014- Fostern- While helping heal kin and other shifters after a fight, he offers a quick merciful death to one of them after they are maimed beyond anything other then a slow agonizing death. Named Thunder's Mercy
  • 2010-First Change
    • Cliath-Gets a spirit to agree to be part of a Fetish for another Theurge


    • The Gnostic Plague begins. Caerns suffer.

  • 1999 - his little sister Natalia is born.
  • 1992 - Born to Michaela Baranov, kinfolk wife of Yuri Baranov known to the nation as Deaths Shadow


  • PACK - To Be Decided


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  • Shadow Lord Mentor
  • Former Pack
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