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Primero te ignoran, luego te ridiculizan, luego te pelean y luego ganas.
First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.


Pilar Pisanob is a skilled brawler who dabbles in her Necromantic roots. A self-proclaimed Social Darwinist and member of La Familia Michoacána cartel, her devotion to her family is second to none. Her reputation for being an infamous, seductive, food-loving hedonist precedes her. She is the twin sister of Serafina Pisanob.


Pilar is of Latin-American descent with brown-black hair that falls to mid-back with brown eyes. Unlike much of the Pisanob line, she did not inherit the unsettling yellow eyes, but permanent fangs in which she has had capped in pure silver. She is roughly average height and has a voluptuous hourglass figure. She typically wears business attire and leather of some variety and wears dark lipstick. Her cheeks have a natural flush to them and her pallor isn't as severe as many other vampires.
She is rather pleasant and flirtatious in demeanor and it isn't uncommon to see her eating. Her laugh is contagious, as is her charm. She has a passionate interest in Aztec culture lore and mythology, as well as theology and sociology. However, one would find it rather hard to pin her down to speak of those subjects.
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Status & Standing

Current standing within the Independent Alliance

Abiding Statuses
Innate Statuses
Fleeting Statuses
  • Honorable, Loyal, Victorious - Granted Dec 2017 by both Sebastian Teotl Pisanob, Giovanni Doyen of San Diego and Julius Kern, Setite Doyen of San Diego
  • Courteous - Granted May 2018 by Eli Pisanob, Virago of San Diego
  • Loyal - Granted August 2018 by Rocco Giovanni, Doyen of Florence
  • Defender - Granted October 2018 by Samantha Giovanni, Doyen of The Bahamas
  • Honorable - Granted November 2018 by Asher Rothstein, Padrone of the Southeast, Doyen of Atlanta



  • Luna Giovanni (5th gen)
    • Xolotl Pisanob(6th gen)
      • Azlan Teotl - Don Angel De La Muerte (7th gen)
        • Cipactli Yaotl - Pisnob (Packy) (8th gen)

      • Azlan Toetl - Don Angel De La Muerte (7th gen)
        • Mariana Sofia Veronica Toetl-Giovanni (8th gen)
          • Donald Rothstein (9th gen)
          • Anthony "Tony" Putanesca-Pisanob (9th gen)
            • Jimmy Putanesca (10th)
              • Daniel Webster Milliner (11th)
              • Dolly Madison Milliner (11th)
              • Samuel Adams Milliner (11th)

Time Line

1884 - Born in Guadalajara, Mexico
1902 - Moves to Belmont, CA to attend The College of Notre Dame - at the time a private, catholic women’s college.
1907 - Graduates with BA in Sociology
1910 - Ghouled by Lucas Pisanob
1920 - Embraced by Lucas Pisanob
1922 - Relocated to Mexico City, Mexico
2017 - Moved to San Diego. Joined La Familia Michoacána cartel.


Rumors, lies, and half-truths

* Champion of "The Pit".
* The totemic visage of Huitzilopochtli is tattooed somewhere on her.
* Her love of really good food is only surpassed by her love of punching people.
* She rivals with her twin sister. Many believe it is due to their sire's obvious favoritism of Serafina.
* Prior to her embrace, she was a Medium, often hearing voices.
* She has a reputation for going against orders in former years.
* Is actually a Brujah.
* She collects sugar skulls.
* Has the best eyebrows in the family.


Through others' eyes

* "She's a bitch. I don't say that with any malice - it's a simple truth, like the fact that water is wet, and that if you piss her off, you're not going to enjoy the result. Unless you like getting punched incredibly hard, I don't kink shame." - Serafina Pisanob
* "Pilar is the more adorable version of Seraphina, but that makes her more terrifying." - Dr. Villanueva
* "My distant cousin and I have much in common." - Uncle Paolo
* "Pilar? We met once or twice. She hit on me, I think. She's as lethal as she is beautiful, if her reputation is to be believed." - Talon Alenzia Komnenos
* "A woman of few words, but I like a woman who lets her actions speak for her." - Angus Dunsirn
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Sect: Independent Alliance
Clan: Giovanni
Family: Pisanob
Position: None
Sire: Lucas Pisanob
Generation 10th
Lineage: Teotl Pisanob-Giovanni

OOC Information

Player: Sarah Perry US2017100126
Email: ladytype.games@gmail.com
Location: San Diego, CA
Storyteller: Kareem Gabriel Fortes
Contact: sdcamanarch@gmail.com