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Name: Pims McCarthy
Deed Name: "Two Toes" or "100 Tiny Things"
Rank: Arden
Tribe: Corax
Breed: Corvid
Camp: Chasers

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Name: Omens Light
Position: Omega
Iris, Keeps The Peace
Place Holder 1
Place Holder 2

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Sept of the Standing Stones



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Pims in Corvid form.

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Fetish Maker and Umbral Guide, Pims has made a name for himself not only assisting those who seek to commune with the spirits and Umbra, but also as a mediator of sorts between parties. It is known that Pims was in a traveling pack of Corax known as "Wind Resistance" up until the Stalemate at Lamberts Landing. Today he hangs out for the most part in Grand Rapids, but is known to visit and travel with other Fera and Concordant members. He is not a fan of Silver Fang but if you ask him he doesn't have the foggiest idea, admitting that parts of his memory prior to being in Grand Rapids are a bit fractured.

Pims pers.png Pims tries really hard to be human. Often too hard. For a long time he was increasingly interested in the human world but as he's grown older he's found a balance between that world and what he feels are his duties to Gaia. Exceedingly curious about all facets of life. Admittedly there is very little emotion there, though he does try. He is more interested in the spiritual well being of those around him, he's known for asking questions that lead to introspection as a whole. He's also incredibly obsessed with small objects. Those who visit his territory will find trinkets of all sorts hidden in some areas whereas others seem to be laid out as some sort of offering or altar.

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Corvid:Pims is taller and rounder than most Ravens. He has grey and white feathers around his chest, showing his distant relation to the Pied Ravens. On his right foot his middle digit is completely missing. He has a definite scar running across his right eye that is healed. The feathers on the back of his head seem to be a little longer than average.

Pims loves his dreadlocks

Homid: In Homid form, Pims is tall and gangly with a wide chest. his tan skin is marked with the scars of past battles. He wears his hear in long dreads that look to fall to his back. He prefers to dress in greys, blacks, and browns. More often than not he has some sort of black paint adorning his face. It is very obvious that he is Corax even in human form as his eyes are completely black, which he covers with goggles when interacting with mortals in necessary.

When in the Umbra, Pims' feathers seem to sparkle with the light of a galaxy full of stars.


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  • Spends more time in the Umbra than any other place
  • Held a position on the Auspice Council for exactly 1 week before they realized how bad of an idea this was
  • Knows the plotline of Young and the Restless, General Hospital, and Guiding Light better than he probably should
  • Isn't actually a Fetish Master
  • Add your rumors here.

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Player: Jeremy Moffitt

Player Email: Colorset24@gmail.com

Storyteller: Erykah Fasset

Storyteller Email: Ragingrapidsst@gmail.com

Location: Grand Rapids, MI