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Pixiemarker.png Brutus - Best Friend of Hang Outs
Pixiemarker.png Knives - Best Friend of Mischief
Pixiemarker.png DC - Best Friend of Girl Talk
Pixiemarker.png Bob - Best Friend of Food
Pixiemarker.png Nate - Best Friend of Parties
Pixiemarker.png Stardust - Best Friend of Pets
Pixiemarker.png Ehroth the Red Station Security
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Pixie is lucky to have come across a sweet and gentle creature she named Tum Tum. The wee thing is currently in isolation.


Pixie also spends much time with Shooting Star.


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Pixiemarker.png Kaylee from Firefly
Pixiemarker.png Pixie and Brutus Comics
Pixiemarker.png Kenzi, Lost Girl
Pixiemarker.png Raven Reyes, the 100
Pixiemarker.png Beth, Walking dead, early seasons

Player: Lacey

Storyteller: Kate Wadey


Location: Phoenix, Az




Pixiemarker.pngName: Pixie

Pixiemarker.pngNick-Name: "Little Albatross"

Pixiemarker.pngNotable Traits: A gentle and cheery nature. Has scarring around neck and wrists indicative of long imprisonment.Has recently gotten 2 cybernetic full arms. Has 2 different color eyes that flash like a wolves at night. (and only known to those that can sense the Shadow, Pixie is a waystone/1 dot locust)

Pixiemarker.pngType: Human

Pixiemarker.pngCharacter Type Subgroup: Wolf Blood

Pixiemarker.pngUnion: No Union

Pixiemarker.pngChartered Company: No Company


Pixiemarker.pngNot much is known about Pixie, shes incredibly nice and always willing to help.Pixiemarker.pngShe is an excellent mechanic and a damned good pilot. Pixiemarker.pngShe is constantly with her 5 best friends who are VERY protective of her. Pixiemarker.pngShe meets most people with a smile and is incredibly hard to scare/ruffle. Pixiemarker.png She has recently acquired a Buffaeseeli which she has named Little Tum Tum. Pixiemarker.png

Pixiemarker.png Is a Spirit
Pixiemarker.png Rumor here.
Pixiemarker.png Rumor here.
Pixiemarker.png "What an intriguing puppy! She was far more open and honest than any other were I've encountered. I wonder though if she would survive without her pack? She's too sweet for this life." Stardust
Pixiemarker.png "She's sweet. Got a good, caring heart. And those are in very short supply. She'll go far, so long as no-one tries to take advantage of her kindness. Got a feeling her pack won't let that happen." Ehroth the Red
Pixiemarker.png "If you hurt her, I will kill you." Brutus Leonin
Pixiemarker.png "Curiosity. Protected. Nervous. Analysis: Threat level; minimal. Social prospects: Possible friend?" - Designation: Tia Wolfe
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