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Please Stop Talking is an Uktena who has a slight problem with A.D.D. He's a second generation American Serbian whose parents fled Serbia, and he's a pretty stereotypical geek when it comes to all things occult, lore or knowledge.

General Information

Name: Dmitri Nikola
Deed Name: Please Stop Talking
Rank: Adren
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Uktena
Faction: Concordat of Stars
House: Undecided
Pack: Begs the Question
Location: Sept of the Found, New River Valley, VA
Notable Traits:

  • Very tall and bald
  • Mid twenties in appearance
  • Usually dressed in a sweater vest and bow tie
  • Always carrying some sort of book

Known History

  • 2006 - First change
  • 2007 - Moved to Blacksburg, VA, taking a job as a teaching assistant, teaching Mythology
  • 2010 - Met with the Uktena pack that came to Blacksburg
  • 2014 - Went on the quest to bring home a Shard Seed from the Sept of the Last Breath
  • 2014-2015 - Missing from late 2014 to late 2015.

Fostern Challenge

In 2013, Dmitri was sent to teach an Uktena in Montana about the lore of the Umbra. Very excited to be teaching, he traveled to Montana and met Spirit Rider, the young lupus he was going to teach.

They met in the forest, where they introduced themselves to each other, and he sat down to start teaching her about the Umbra. The original plan was to stay for a week, teaching Spirit Rider everything she might need to know about the Umbra, from safely travelling through, to how to appease pissed off spirits if you went into their domain without permission.

Once a day, Spirit Rider's den mother would come by to see how she was progressing. Dmitri was impressed with what Spirit Rider had learned the first day, but the den mother, not so much. Spirit Rider had learned quite a bit about the Greek island of Kefalos, the Royal Bavarian Jagdstaffel 78 in Germany during World War 1, and Uffe Elbæk, the new leader of the Danish Social Liberal Party. However, she had not learned a whole lot about the Umbra yet. The den mother admonished Dmitri to stick to teaching her things about the Umbra, and they retired for the night.

The next two weeks was very similar. Each day, Spirit Rider would learn a lot more about something random in the world, and a little bit more about the Umbra. If there was the possibility of going off on a tangent, Dmitri did. On the last day of the second week, the den mother came in during one of Dmitri's tangents about Liddle Burnt Mound, a bronze age site on the island of South Ronaldsay, and lost her temper. With a loud, very frightening warning growl, she uttered the words, "PLEASE. STOP. TALKING." Then she sat down to watch him.

"Teach her about the Umbra. Not about anything else." Dmitri gulped and started talking about the Umbra again to Spirit Rider. Every time he started to veer off on a tangent, the den mother would growl a warning at him, which steered him very quickly back on topic. A few days later, Spirit Rider knew everything there was to know about the Umbra. Dmitri thanked both her and her den mother for their patience and was on his way back home.

Friends and Allies


  • "He speaks much, but if you listen to his words you will find much meaning in them. He is very wise and I am honored to call him friend." - Spirit Rider
  • "Remember that one time we spiked the casserole with worms and we had to do all the dishes?..... you still owe me $5." - Nizhoni_Ward
  • "He seems to be a wonderfully kind fellow, and very smart. I do like him." - Clara
  • "He is an idiot, an honorable one but an idiot none the less. One day there will be a reckoning and reconciliation" Avery "Swift-Claws" Kessler
  • "He's like a walking wikipedia. He'd kill at jeopardy." - Tech Support
  • "Usually when the Colonel says he doesn't want to hear a story, most people don't tell the story. Please Stop Talking says, "I'm going to tell you anyway." " - Least Common Denominator
  • "He is a Den Mother for humans, known as a teacher. He gives me hope, but the humans are not known to listen.." - Momo
  • "Sixty cycles. You can accomplish much in sixty cycles, but only if you're willing to face them. 'Tick tock', as the humans say." - Haunts-the-Forest
  • "Why do I get a sense of him being just a little bit scared? I hope he comes back for more conversation." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "This shifter does what few will to battle the Wyrm. Many may misunderstand his determination to be recklessness however he has proven himself many times over to me and my family." - Clickbait Luciano
  • "You are adorable. Scary, but adorable." - Tech Support when talking to Please Stop Talking


  • Please Stop Talking talks as much as he does to drown out the voices of the Wyrm speaking in his head.
  • He is the Bane Tender for his local sept, and it has driven him a bit mad.
  • He guided his old pack on a quest to purify an ex-packmate in the Silver Lakes of Erebus.
  • He disappeared for a year. No one knows where he went, and he came back, almost as tainted as a Black Spiral Dancer.
  • Doesn't want to get eaten by a shark.

Contact Info

Player: Shawn L, us2003041484
Location: New River Valley (Blacksburg), VA
ST Info: Latisha L
ST Email: