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  • Clan: Gargoyle
  • Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
  • Position: Prince
  • Status: Acknowledged, Confirmed

General Information

Prefers isolation away from Kindred and Mortal society. He has been known to enjoy or even start fights and engage Tremere holdings. His reclusive nomadic nature is the result of being hunted from centuries old feuds and jaded look at Kindred Society's progression.

Physical Description

Gray Stone Skin
Traveling Cloak
Homeless clothes

Standing at 5'7", he is 200 lbs of wiry, highly toned muscle. His skin is marble of grey coloring accented by black lines, speckles and dark crevices. Even his eyes, void of iris or pupil, have the same color theme, making him seem like a walking sculpture.
House of Chimera scarification tattoo on left pectoralScarification tattoo on his left pectoral (occasionally visible depending on his clothing)
Foundation Scarification tattoo on right bicepScarification tattoo on his right bicep/upper arm (almost always covered due to his sleeves)
Po dresses in one of 2 ways depending on what his expectations are:

  • Standard - Homeless wearing a tattered old traveler's cloak (often masked as a trenchcoat), and loose black or grey clothing.
  • Meeting with others - Cowboy, complete with blue jeans, simple button up shirt, leather boots & cowboy hat


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  • Is actually a Nosferatu who was adopted into the Gargoyle lineage
  • Has become so suspicious of sorcery that he distrusts ANY practitioner of magic, not merely the Tremere & Giovanni.
  • Absolutely hates talking about his past dealings with Tremere and it often puts him in a near murderous state.
  • His sire has reportedly tried to force him to grow wings to no avail. As a result, his lack of wings has become a particularly sore subject.
  • Has reportedly taught Visceratika to someone, purely for the reason of killing them for having it later.
  • Enjoys watching fights and has mentioned before that he wishes prisoners could be made to fight each other, like they did in the days of the Roman Gladiators.
  • Is a member of The Foundation
  • It is said that those with acute senses will notice that his voice is heard before his lips actually move.
  • Apparently has only 2 moods: (Though his facial expression rarely changes from something of a resting snarl, regardless of his mood)
    • Relaxed/Observational, perhaps with a glass of blood wine in his hand (this is, luckily, the standard mood he is in)
    • Lust for violence - even to the point of appearing to relish in one's death with glee.
  • Can occasionally be spotted in a hunched down and severely beast-like/predatory crouching position.
  • Sometimes poses as a statue in the park just so he can scream at any pigeons that land on him. He says this is "remarkably cathartic".
  • (Feel free to gossip!)


  • "This is a Gargoyle both fierce and cunning. My childe is a nightmare for the Usurpers and a standard of everything Gargoyles believe. Fear him or respect him, either way you cannot ignore him." - Chimera
  • "My dear brother, give your enemies rope to hang themselves lest; you wish to walk the path they have laid for you to trod."Clyde Hudson
  • "There is something beneath the surface. Something old and terrible, but familiar to me. Those who have glimpsed Hell are forever changed by it and can recognize it in each other. Luciana Santora DuVal
  • "I would rather have you at my back than face you in opposition." - Amira Kanaan
  • "He seems an honorable man, and one I am glad to have met. He looks after those close to him, and clearly cares deeply for them. I can respect that." Teagan Anderson


OOC Information

Player: Mark Lucky US2002023568
Player Email: Rend.the.Darkness@gmail.com
Storyteller: Sarah Haynes
Storyteller Email: nw.thunderbay.staff@gmail.com
Location: Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada