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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Deed Name: Eyes like Icarus

What she actually gets called: Pockets

Breed: Lupus

Auspice: Philodox

Rank: Fostern

Pack: Last Laugh

Sept: Phoenix, AZ

Notable Traits:

  • Her presence is soothing, despite or because of the soft constant rattling from her mala fetish.
  • Though she is very vocal about being Lupus, spends an astounding amount of time in Homid.


Lupus - A reasonably nondescript reddish wolf of no particular pure breed or note.

Homid - Slouchy, scrawny, hippy looking woman of some European heritage as nondescript as her wolf form. Always figetting with something, probably her mala and always dressed in clothing with lots of pockets.


When the Stargazers left the Nation along went any number of American born Stargazers, exiting out of NorCal communes and settling as expats in remote valleys. Born of the wolf kinfolk they brought along, she is a product of the slightly schizophrenic marriage between American Hippy and Tibetan Buddhist as translated by Lupus.

After her change around the end of the great battles for the Caerns she returned to the US with her tribe and settled briefly in various hippy communes and among various kinfolk to learn more about homid ways and the joys of thumbs and pockets. In time the dharma bum found herself in Phoenix, Arizona and in a new pack.

A devout, if laid back, proponent of the Middle Way, she's not quite as Sifu/Guru/Mystic Mumbojumbo as some of her tribe, being prone to a pretty direct lupus style of conversation. She's always been very clear in her support for the Concordat and for incorporating Fera while allowing each Fera to follow their Litany. She is also equally dedicated to pointing out that not all the Sanctum of Gaia's ideas are wrong and that maybe someone should make sure the baby isn't being thrown out with the bath water.

Somewhere in the last five years she's inherited "Water Overcomes Stone" a mala based fetish of some strength. Intended to supplement a Kailindo practitioner's skills and talents, the fetish is no weapon itself, merely augmenting the bearer's options when trapped between a rock and a hard place.


  • They say when you achieve satori there is nothing left to do but have a good laugh. I don't think there's any harm in a good laugh on your way to satori either. - Eyes like Icarus

OOC Information

Player: Spider W.

Player Email: Angelsamael@gmail.com

Storyteller: Byron Miracle

Storyteller Email: dmh.garou@gmail.com

Location: Phoenix, AZ