Polaris Roland Marcus de Schame

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Commonly Known Information

Public Name: John Malcom Roland Deschaine

Notable Traits: few documents exist on him. Often wears either a leather long vest or a leather and silk Doublet. His eyes gleam with a strange, supernatural light.

Type: Wolf Blooded

Character Type Subgroup: Core Born Elite

Union: Merchants Union

Chartered Company: Founding Member of the Bloody Claws, but not currently in a Chartered Company


Like his sister Vanya, Polaris makes no secret of his origin in the Core, nor that he is actively resentful that he no longer lives there. Actually, he seems to be in denial - he claims that he can return, just that he doesn't want to. Captain of both "the Achievements of Yesteryear" (a Centipede class Cargo transport) and "The Promise of Tomorrow" (a Skyking class medium Hauler) he runs a very small shipping business in the sector.


  • Has some knowledge of Chiron operations.
  • He was trained to be a soldier - but he's not military
  • He funded the Bloody Claws. But then didn't join.
  • Rumor is, he funded them to kill someone or something for him. But nobody is saying what.
  • He's dead. He's now just a skin suit being posessed by a spirit of some sort.


  • "I don't give a damn about Synths. Synths have no souls. They're just dolls. You're not a Synth. Your an Artificial Person. Totally different creature."

Known Associates


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OOC Information

Player: Kevin S.

Player Email: | Kevin S.

Storyteller: Jed H.

Storyteller Email: | Jed H.