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Commonly Known Information

Name: Pollux Xenos, Pol

Notable Traits: Rune on his throat (tattoo). Well spoken and genial. Speaks 10 other languages than English. Has a reputation in the Camarilla for being staunchly loyal.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Gangrel

Position: Primogen

Coterie: Polite Society


  • "Pollux is the person you want on your side, what he can do with words is more powerful than any elder power I've seen. He is brilliant and talented. He is very knowledgeable about things that will, not may, will save your life." Castor Xenos
  • "Mr. Xenos is talented. What's more, he puts those talents to good use - helping others. It's a rare trait in our kind. I'm happy to have come across him." - Simon Flint
  • "Pol is my anchor to the old days. Days when things were a lot more lax in society. He reminds me of France in the 1600's and I absolutely love this boy for it." - Jeremiah Moriarti
  • "Han ble funnet. Han tok villig merket. Det er styrke i beslutningen." - Olaf
  • "Such sophistication, class, and dignity. He is my strength to my rock. There are times I wonder if he was embraced into the wrong clan but then the rumors of his lineage come to my ears, and I realize he just adds to their legacy." - Abraham Greyson
  • "One often mistakes the Gangrel for ruthless savages. This is not the case with many, and especially not with Mr. Xenos. I could not have picked a better companion either for my dear nephew, Sheriff Greyson. Our conversations have gone long into the evening and have forced me to rethink a great many things..." - Prince Rikard Bouwman
  • "He is an apt pupil, to be sure, and knows how to properly show respect to those who he learns from." - Madeleine Tonnerre
  • "Mr. Xenos is a remarkably talented, focused, and efficient young Kindred - the sort of man that I find a genuine breath of fresh air in these fast-paced modern nights. His eye for detail and insight have certainly captured my attentions - I admit to feeling a momentary barb of envy that House Magnusson has such a rare rising star among its ranks. Whomever chose him, chose very well indeed." - Desmond Aldred
  • "I don't really know what I'd do without Pol. It is exceedingly refreshing to have as a friend and ally a young person that is so capable."~ Donzella Costigan
  • "Dude is helpful as fuck and I appreciate it. Lord knows we need more like him about, I just wish he wasn't camarilla." ~ Lorena Silva
  • "Let's talk about Pol, shall we? There are plenty of people you can call to get shit done. You want shit done, quickly and efficiently, while still observing all the rules of protocol AND have him hand you a little umbrella drink at the end? You call Pol." ~Chaunce duFresne
  • "بولوكس هو مثال رائع على ما يمكن للشباب تحقيق، طالب ممتاز وعالم في حد ذاته. أجد أنني دائما تتمتع محادثاتنا." ~Soheil Aurelius Shaykh Isfahani
  • "Το Pollux θα έχει πάντα τη φιλοξενία μου, ισχυρή και άξια ως δέντρο ροδιού." ~ Kaius Drescher
  • "Mr. Xenos is new to me, but thus far the impression has been memorable. His presence can only help the clan in our area to excel." ~ Aranea Kensington
  • "Je n'en ai pas encore rencontré une aussi raffinée, posée, mais avec un tranchant si aiguisé, et enveloppée dans la présentation la plus exquise depuis l'âge de Versailles. Il est la royauté ... Je le jure." ~ Lady Felicity Marie Abelard-Dawson
  • "The man is noticed by my clan on account of his pristine fashion choices. However, only an idiot would stop there in appreciating the true style of Pol." ~ Winifred Harriet Mickel


  • Is running from something; but who or what - nobody knows. Whatever it is - it's old. And scary.
  • Often masquerades as a Toreador.
  • translated recordings or documents for Imperator Karsh.
  • Know the terrors that haunt Rikard Bouwman during the day.
  • Receives voice lessons from La Tonnerre herself.
  • that he holds secrets or sway over several Luminaries.
  • Pollux has one of the top legal scholars of the kindred world at his beck and call.
  • punched an ancient Lhiannon in the throat in front of witnesses.

Personal Domain

  • Colton, California as granted by the Anarch Advocate
  • Bel Air, California as granted by the Elder Prince of Los Angeles

Pollux Xenos

Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Primogen
Domain: Phoenix
Player: Michael McGough US2002021192
VST: Wade Yorke