Praise of Folly

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“…But my people, she thought, know only how to deny. Born in the dark shadow of power misused, we set peace out- side our world, a guiding and unattainable light. All we know to do is fight. Any peace one of us can make in our life is only a denial that the war is going on, a shadow of the shadow, a doubled unbelief.” Four Ways to Forgiveness - By Ursula Le Guin

Character Information


Title or Positon: None

Name: Parker Rhys James

Deed Name: Praise of Folly

Auspice: Ragabash

Tribe: Child of Gaia

Breed: Homid

Notable Traits: Parker is an old soul, who is quiet and lonely in appearance. He practices stillness and silence, instead of jumping into situations with a flurry of action.

Description: Parker Rhys James is a man of indeterminate age. He has brown curly hair, and green hazel eyes that seem to change with with his mood or the clothing he wears. He wears dark rimmed glasses. He dresses casually and conservatively. As a Wolf, Parker is a lean white wolf with grey eyes and in Crinos, he is white with light grey streaks and the same grey eyes.

OOC Information

Player: J. Thibodaux MES Number: US2002022406 Location: Albuquerque, NM Email: