Prescott Grimaldi

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Prescott Grimaldi


General Information

Name: Prescott Grimaldi

Pack: Carpe Noctum

Pack Position: Priest

Clan: Pander

Faction: Moderate

Diocese: Martinique

Titles: Templar to Archbishop Welt; Blood Accord Ambassador to Santo Domingo, DR


Prescott's past is... complicated, as he would describe it. He started off life as a Revenant. Then the experiments happened. Many, many experiments. Tzimisce are weird, particularly those on the Path of Metamorphosis who wished to make the perfect being. What ended up happening was the creation of two Panders from the body of the one Revenant (and other parts): the Prescott that is known (and loved) today, and his broodmate Wolfgang. Prescott was the personality and the brains. Wolfgang was the physical beatstick. Together, they were two halves of the perfect whole. (Note: Wolfgang is now deceased.) He has since lived in Martinique, serving the interests of the Diocese there as he seeks to further the goals of the Sword.

Since losing Wolfgang, he has picked up a new friend: Seymore, the Emotional Support Bat. Seymore is his constant companion, who can always be found in his hood or in the pouch of his sweatshirt.


Prescott is very skinny, with short brown hair and blue eyes. He wobbles a lot when he walks, since many of his bones and joints are... not the best. He has a clumsy streak to him to boot, which doesn't help matters. In the way of clothing, he's partial to hooded sweatshirts and jeans.


- He carries around a small doll of his deceased broodmate.

- He secretly wants to join the Camarilla, and that's why he became an Ambassador.

- He was in a serious relationship with his former Ductus before she died.

- He's actually a Malkavian and just claims to be a Pander.

- Seymore is actually Wolfgang Protean-shaped into a bat. His death was a setup.

- He has a lovely singing voice.

- Seymore is his lover.

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- Prescott is a sweet sort, and also useful and a good leader. A stellar creation. But... Seymore. The cuteness almost kills me." - Valerie Evans

- "I thought he was a Malkavian, my mistake. I just assume when I see people dressed practically and not like they are ready to meet their maker or go to a rave" The Spectre

- "Were I a political Cainite, I would drag him to a circle and take him out as Templar. Trust can't be given to someone that is meant to protect our Leaders, while at the same time consorts with our enemies. Alas, I deal with Infernals and Demons." - Gabriel Thompson

- "Prescott is a complicated guy, who seems goofy, but has depths you can't imagine. He might sometimes make me shake my head in frustration, but I will bring down a wrath like unto Caine himself on anyone who hurts him. He is my Brother." - Jimmy Welt

- Prescott is amazing. He is strong as steel beneath a velvet shell. Don't challenge him. Trust me. He's a perfect pack mate and I'm glad we've been together for the last two years. It's never boring with him around. Or, as he says it, "... Kali-maaaaaaaaaa..." - Alida

- He's such a sweet boy. I almost feel dirty for what I have in mind with him. - Avery Dunn

- "I did not want to like Prescott. I like Prescott anyway." - Morgan Evans

- "I have had the most interesting conversations with Prescott, and strangely enough, I find myself looking forward to more...hopefully without the giant demon insects however..." - William Carver

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OOC Information

Player: Dana Willoughby

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Storyteller: Caroline Tanzi

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