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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Lloyd Douglas Belanger
Deed Name: Prime Motivator
Rank: Elder
Age: 29
Apparent Age: 29
Current Location: Toronto, Canada
Sept: Toronto (Sept of Karonhe’ke)
National Position: Tribal Second of the Glasswalker Tribe
Pack and Position: Alpha of the Tororonto Tribal Conglomerate (TTC), Truth Catcher of Karonhe'ke


He looks to be in his early thirties but carries himself with the weight and authority of someone older. 6 feet tall, with brown hair, a short beard, and piercing blue eyes.

Generally seen in his Homid form, Prime Motivator strives to present himself as a consummate businessman when it is to his advantage to do so, but his practical education as both a millwright and engineer often shines through in various small clues and mannerisms. [Description around other Garou in veil safe areas] His clothing leaves him partially bare chested, with numerous battle scars visible and a prominent brand of Worthy carved into his skin. His clothing gives the impression of a Technoshaman, a patchwork of salvaged material interwoven with different technological relics, tokens of spiritual chiminage, and what appears to be rebuilt and modified pieces of technology. On his left shoulder he wears a prominent leather pauldron marked with various glyphs signifying important stories from his life and the runes of Wisdom, Honor and Glory tastefully displayed hanging off the side. Various leather scrolls and pouches line a bandolier across his chest, and at his lower front a hand-stitched leather symbol clearly displays his membership to the Glasswalkers.

The most notable part of his Crinos form would be that the pattern of his fur (mostly brown / black with a hint of red and a white streak down his torso) bears a striking resemblance to a tie with a large Windsor knot. His Hispo and Lupus forms also possess this pattern, but you would likely only see it if he was rolling around playing with his children in either of those forms.

His Company

His primary company is Future Infrastructure Systems and Technologies, an international company dedicated to providing the best means of harm and impact reduction to various heavy industries with a focus on mining and other core resource exploitation. Another large aspect of his business is providing the technologies and resources to best facilitate the reclamation of various industrial and resource exploitation sites, and working as a consultant with various NGOs, Government agencies, and private concerns about how to best proceed in problematic situations.


WhiteWolfWiki-Glass Walkers.png


Apocalypse PC

Player: Ben C
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Glass Walkers
Camp: Corporate Wolves
Breed: Homid
Faction: Concordat of Stars
Domain: Toronto
VST: aDST Patrick-Seán

IC Email: Ben

Prime Closeup.jpg
Prime Body.jpg
Prime Motivator1.jpg

Character Information


Lloyd presents himself as a balanced, considerate and forward thinking Garou, striving to see all sides of a problem and consider long-term repercussions before taking action. Underneath this, he struggles with the outrage and anger that burns inside him when presented with injustices and harm to both the natural world or the health of a city in equal measure. He will rarely speak out in anger, and tends to voice his frustrations by trying to call others in as opposed to start fights with them.


Much of his early life was spent in training as a millwright and mining engineer, viewing the politics of the Garou nation through close association with his Mothers pack. Lloyd spent his early years as a Garou doing his best to contribute on the ground floor of fighting the apocalypse as an optimistic member of the Random Interupts and active Monkeywrencher cutting his teeth in industrial espionage and sabotage against various Pentex targets in Brazil. As time and the struggle wore on (not to mention his desire to have a family having increased), his views gradually began to shift towards more longer-term thinking in terms of damage mitigation and site remediation and during the formation of the Concordat Lloyd was involved in bringing the various Glass Walker factions together in support of the new faction. It was during this time his transition to being a Corporate Wolf occurred, as well as his marriage to the (then) kinfolk Marianne Hastings. After their marriage, they traveled to the Sept of Glass and Steel in Beijing and worked on towards the trans-national integration of various Glass Walker companies and interests within mainland China. A year before chronicle start, his family traveled to Toronto and worked towards the establishment of the Shield Caern of air and the sept of Karonhe'ke.

What's he up to now?

  • Lloyd is a highly involved member of the Sept of Karonhe'Ke and his pack (The TTC) manages much of the septs concerns in regards to Influence, Contacts, and Allies and works with an extensive network of Kinfolk (and is recognized for his firm belief that how a kinfolk chooses to contribute to the cause of Gaia is their own decision to make as long as it is made with sincerity and recognition of the plight of Gaia).
  • A strong proponent of bringing the Fera more on board he prefers to talk of "The Gaian Nation" instead of "The Garou Nation" in recognition of the extensive contributions all breeds have made to the defense of Gaia and the fight against the Wyrm.
  • Lloyd is a proud and enthusiastic parent, valuing time and contact with his children. When going to secure locations he and his mate(s) will often travel with some of their children in order to broaden their experiences of Garou and Fera and best prepare them for their life as either a Garou or Kinfolk themselves. For social calls it is rare for him to be at the Sept without some of his children present, though they always have a kinfolk guardian with them in case his attention is needed for pressing / dangerous concerns


  • 1989 - August: Born in Fermont, Quebec to Dana "Vein Drinker" Belanger
  • 2004 - Experiences his first change, goes through his Rite of Passage
  • 2005 - Travels to Brazil to join the fight against the industrial rape of the Amazon
  • 2006 - Joins a pack of traveling monkey-wrenchers (Vectors of the Unraveling Web) contributing to a campaign of industrial espionage, sabotage and destruction of various facilities.
  • 2010 - Circumstances force Lloyd to leave the Vectors, and shortly afterwards they are all killed in the desperate defense of their Sept under the assaults of the Dark Brigade. Between picking up the pieces left behind of their lives as he searches for their lost kinfolk and children he spends some time developing his own business, contacts and skillset under the tutelage of a number of Garou across North America.
  • 2012 - Lloyd works to bring various fringe elements of the Glass Walker tribe on board with the formation and support of the Concordat of Stars. He also gets married to the kinfolk Marianne Hastings and the two of them join the Sept of Glass and Steel as they both pursue further education and the advancement of their business and professional interests
  • 2014 - Lloyd and Marianne are blessed with the birth of Twins: Samuel and Dana
  • 2016 - At the request of his mother Lloyd begins the process of moving his family and business to Toronto in order to help found a shard Caern in the heart of the city and acts as one of the lead ritualists in the formation of the shard Caern of Karonhe’ke and stands as one of the founding members of the sept.
  • 2017 - One of the primary ritualists in the formation of the mystical shield Caerns protecting the Sept of the Last Breath (one of the remaining 13 great caerns), Challenged for and achieved the position of Truthcatcher within the city of Toronto and the sept of Karonhe’ke, One of the lead ritualists in cleansing and sealing the broken lands of "The Furnace" and one of the chief combatants in the follow up fight against the Omega level threat of the "Corpse Louse". Achieved the Rank of Adren and takes on two new mates (Delilah Espina & Wolf-Whose-Magnificent-Coat-Strikes-Awe) as his wife transforms later in life into a Garou
  • 2018 - Lloyd and Marianne are blessed once again with a new set of twins (Artemis and Paul) at the beginning of the year and his lupine mate WWMCSA gives birth to their first litter soon after (Pixel,Bit,Byte&Dot). Shortly afterwards he achieves the Rank of Athro for his work in planning and leading a major operation for the Sept of Karonhe'Ke and is further honored for said leadership with the Ritual of Branding and forever marked as "Worthy". Succeeds in his challenge for tribal second through recognition as one of the key organizers of an unprecedented hack against Pentex. His homid mate Delilah Espina gives birth to his son Douglas in September. Near the close of the year, he is recognized during his challenge for the rank of Elder for his skillful leadership in a series of major battles against Pentex. This accomplishment occurs just before the tragic death of his wife in honorable and glorious combat against the Wyrm
  • 2019 - WWMCSA gives birth to their second litter of pups (Tuesday,Wednesday,Screensaver,Wireless&Technoshaman) and Lloyd has a busy general start to the year assisting in various combat operations throughout southern Ontario as well as directing various tribal affairs for the Glass Walkers. During an engagement in Traverse City (GLRE2019) he engages a fallen Elder of his tribe and is able to reclaim the Tribal Fetish "Spider Bite" for purification and use for the cause of Gaia, he is also able to direct a massive flow of influence for Gaians in attendance in order to assist with various regional affairs, dismantling of the Plutus Group and contributing to the distribution of the cure for the Third City Plague for the Great Lakes region

Known Associates


  • Dana "Vein Drinker" Belanger- Mother (Elder Glass Walker Galliard)
  • Paul Emile Legault - Father (Glass Walker Kinfolk)
  • Marianne Hastings - Deceased Wife, former mate until she experienced her first change later in life (Fostren Black Fury Theurge)
  • Samuel Hastings - Son (Glass Walker Kinfolk)
  • Dana Hastings - Daughter (Glass Walker Kinfolk)
  • Paul Belanger - Son (Glass Walker Kinfolk)
  • Artemis Belanger - Daughter (Black Fury Kinfolk)
  • Delilah Espina - Mate (Glass Walker Kinfolk)
  • Douglas Belanger - Son (Glass Walker Kinfolk)
  • Wolf-Whose-Magnificent-Coat-Strikes-Awe - Lupine Mate (Glass Walker Kinfolk)
  • Pixel - Son (Glasswalker Lupine Kinfolk)
  • Bit - Son (Glasswalker Lupine Kinfolk)
  • Byte - Daughter (Glasswalker Lupine Kinfolk)
  • Dot - Daughter (Glasswalker Lupine Kinfolk)
  • Tuesday - Daughter (Glasswalker Lupine Kinfolk)
  • Wednesday - Daughter (Glasswalker Lupine Kinfolk)
  • Screensaver - Son (Glasswalker Lupine Kinfolk)
  • Wireless - Son (Glasswalker Lupine Kinfolk)
  • Technoshaman - Daughter (Glasswalker Lupine Kinfolk)
  • Mischief and Joy - Former Mate (Uktena Lupine Kinfolk)
  • Voice of the Hidden - Daughter hidden from his knowledge until 2018 (Fostern Uktena Theurge)
  • She-Who-Stalks-The-Land - Granddaughter (Athro Uktena Philodox)


  • DJ Sick Puppy
  • Shield Bearer (Glass Walker, Philodox, Fostern)
  • The Collector (Corax, Fostern)
  • The Windblown (Black Fury, Ahroun, Fostern)
  • She Who Stalks the Land (Athro, Uktena, Philodox)
  • Life During Wartime (Cliath, Ragabash, Shadowlord)

Friends & Allies

Fallen Allies

  • Marianne Hastings - Deceased Wife
  • Rend: (Bone Gnawer, Philodox, Fostern)
  • Simon Paves the Concrete (Bone Gnawer, Ahroun, Fostern)
  • Strongtalk (Glass Walker, Theurge, Adren)
  • SH4M4N (Glasswalker, Theurge, Athro)


  • “Oh Captain, My Captain! What wonderful adventures on The Jammer we had. I will never regret answering your call. Onward to adventure!” - Smooth Operator
  • If you have an IC commentary based on your interactions and wish to add it please feel free


  • Is said to have had dealings with various types of mages of the Traditions and the Technocracy
  • With the exception of a few secured images shared on the Garou tapestry, no known public photographs exist of Prime Motivator
  • Despite his extensive wealth and influence some say he can still regularly be found dumpster diving
  • Has survived/eliminated a number of Pentex removal teams, and is currently among their highest priority targets within Canada thanks to his extensive influence manipulations against them
  • His pack's territory sits on a secured portal to the cyber realms
  • Plays speculative financial games with Jonathan “Bull Market” Masterson
  • Built an umbral-traveling skyship equipped with laser guns, solar sails and gravitic engines


  • Obi Wan Kenobi
  • Gandalf
  • Ra's Al Ghul
  • Morpheus
  • Rupert Giles

Out of Character

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