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Name: Unknown
Alias: Prin Dawnbright
Home System: Unknown



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OOC Info

Location: Portland, OR
Storyteller: Kelsey G.
Player Email: Kate P.

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Prin Dawnbright's appearance is changeable in many ways, from their gender to their coloration. Usually, their hair is long and white-grey, reflecting the ambiance around them or the coloration of their outfit. Most often their eyes are purple or blue to complement whatever the style for the evening is or they feel like doing. The most popular fashions are those with a silver or iridescent bent, and lighted threads, the better to catch attention with. When presenting female, she's short and curvaceous, with glittering bands crossing her eyes and dark, wide lips. When presenting male, he is only a little taller, but still broad of chest, if in a different way. He prefers platinum suits and flowing tunics, and glimmering boots.

Prin is genderfluid, preferred pronouns being she/her and he/his, though will accept they if someone is uncertain what they're presenting as. Leans femme, and thus usually uses 'she' in biographical interviews.


Prin is one of the galactic stars who has become a pop culture staple, from her wild life adventure series to her documentaries on the supernatural party scenes across the galaxy (Fame 3). She has done everything, from a series of marriages, house politics, love penrose polygons, and been kidnapped or rescued more than once by dark cults or daring pirates. Guilty pleasure is the term most often used to describe her media, except by heartfelt fans who can't get enough.


Friends and Family


Fan Feed Events

  • Prin marries Portia Zylene at the Debutante's Ball, shocking many but delighting long-time fans of her ex husband Von Castle, hoping this means he'll be drawn back into the picture. Portia herself quickly gathers fans rooting for her as 'the one'.
  • Prin attempts to get a planet named after her, but in a cruel twist of fate an ancient void creature is birthed at the auction, denying her and her fans the planet naming poll results!
  • Prin deals with a pair of ex-Core Elite Brothers, Tristan and Evander Katharos, Evander's outrageous behavior, with provocations, drinking, violence, and sex making him a quick fan favorite.
  • Prin takes a break from her series updates to highlight a series on freed Synths attempting to find a job outside the one they were designed for, popular episodes involving the ex-soldiers' baking competition.
  • Prin delights Core CEOs in Expanse Party, and goes on extravagant fashion shopping spree, bringing in Verge trends, with credit for inspiration going to Mont-E.
  • Prin spotted in Utopia, fans suspect her rumored favorite vacation spot is finally found!
  • Wayfinder station is attacked! Heroic footage released of Prin and other supernaturals working tirelessly to rescue survivors from the wreckage. Tragically, the Galaxy's Darling lost her arm in a partial collapse, and her new one is on special order, expected to take months!
  • Prin issues a public invitation to galactically wanted Synth, Radam to be her date to the OmCom party ((MESCON 2018)).


  • Is Alek Hawthorne's twin, both taken by the same Thurisaz.
  • Has a minor addiction to mages.
  • Has another identity she operates under to maintain her privacy.
  • Once had a spat with a Merc over a job; whatever they stole from her, she's never gotten back, and silently rages to one day to get revenge.
  • Prin is not one person, they are two people! Seriously, you can't hide switching gender on the fly from me!


  • "Try touching my brother again and I'll put a hole in your head and a stake in your heart, freak." - Evander Katharos
  • "Another one I call boss, she entrusts the safety of the club to me. I haven't let her down yet, and I don't intend to start now. She pays well and is good company." - Ehroth
  • "I suspect they were not genuine in heir overtures of exchanging cell samples for analysis." - Tristan Katharos
  • "Prin is a social predator. She isn't nice to you because she is a nice person, she's just trying to lure you in." - Xavier
  • "I do enjoy Prin's presence. They always raise the energy of a room." - Adhara Vega
  • "... no comment." - Von Castle
  • "Shining Princess is indeed best described as a guilty pleasure, and she owns every syllable of it. I cannot be surprised that Portia may have actually met her true match at last. - Evie Golightly
  • "My dearest, my darling, my love, you are titanium masquerading as platinum. - Nour
  • "I would not diminish myself by describing this person properly, nor should you by associating with them." - Fabien_Phist
  • "All that power, all that pull, and Space Princess Prin chooses to spend more time in front of the mirror. Typical." - Radam
  • "Don't let her fool you; she's no damsel in distress, despite the trouble she gets herself into." - Fox
  • "It wold be easy to assume Prin's nothing but candyfloss fluff, but that would be a mistake. It would also be easy to assume that this is a facade, nothing more than a trap, but that's also a mistake. We are none of us exactly what we appear to be, but instead we are everything we appear and nothing like it at all." - Effie Tussocks
  • "This has been sufficiently awkward." - Diamond
  • "I'm not sure why everyone treats Prin like a drama queen. I feel like she's got a genuinely good head on her shoulders, and I'm never bored just watching her work a room." - Faraday
  • "We go back, way back. She helped me out in a dark time and helped me get my shit together. I'm not a good man, but I'm a better one because of her." - Magnus
  • "She's the perfect Daeva, a friend, and a pain in my ass." - Dan
  • “What? Her adventure show aired during my daily drinking shift when it first come out, and now I’ve seen all of her work; fight me about it.” - Guy Dagenham
  • "Your quote here" - Yourname



Ties Sought

Just about anything - lovers, allies, enemies, clients!


  • Kim Kardashian
  • Ruby Rod

Other PCs

C/A/I: Lucy
Apocalypse: Jo Fay-Blair, Let the Daylight In