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Commonly Known Information


Name: Princess

Clan: Followers of Set

Notable Traits: Long blonde hair, Glowing eyes, looks like a punk version of sailor moon, Arcane


Biography in progress.


  • "What the hell is with me finding and tripping over coke fiends? I swear, they follow me around. Is it the tail? Or the fuzzy belly? Or both? Probably both." - Trash Panda
  • "Does she want to become a Follower of Set?" - Amunet
  • "She's a lovely and intriguing young woman, and I look forward to bringing her into the worship of the Dark Father when the time comes." - Kathleen Bancroft
  • "Pretty cool. Though, I would totally call her Usagi. It's the hair. And I like Sailor Moon." - Juniper Durham
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  • Before being Embraced, Princess was sometimes accused of having too much blood in her cocaine-stream.
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OOC Information

Player: Claire Quinn

Player Email:

Storyteller: David March