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Priscilla has a fire in her soul and heart. Living is not only surviving but experiencing. Stalwart has always been a word to descried Priscilla, she chases with great passion to things that interest her and protects with ferocity for those who have earned her friendship or are family.


Priscilla Homid.png
Longfins: A small woman, wearing light blue robe-like clothing and sandals, a light hooded shawl lined with teeth and fangs drapes over her shoulders. Her long blonde hair is pinned up in a mix of dreads and loose hair, and crystal blue eyes scanned her surroundings. Her tanned skin is adorned with blue Rokea Breed inking, in a similar fashion to henna, which is maintained constantly as each looks fresh as the day it was painted. Her body, clearly notes the physical tone of the labor of a blacksmith and a constant mover.

Roundback: No one has seen this form yet, even other Rokea. There is the standard guess at what it would look like but nothing confirms the appearance as of yet.
Priscilla Standing Jaws.png

Standing Jaws: She stands at ten feet tall with a long powerful tail stretching nine feet out behind the muscled form, smooth and flawless of battle marks along the body. The coloration pattern retains the same marking style and dappling, the grey sleek color of the back and tops and the white belly, hand and feet pads. The body is free of gender identifiers.
The pattern over the gills, when noted, can indicate who the shark is like a set of fingerprints and varies from individual to another. (For Rokea, they know exactly who it is upon seeing them)

Priscilla shark.png
Fighting Jaws: A form of primal nightmares of creatures past, she measures out at thirty-one feet in total length, reaching the size of a smaller megalodon with a mouth wide enough to engulf a human in a single bite.

Swimming Jaws: As a mature Rokea, she is larger than the standard White Shark, reaching nineteen feet in total length. As standard, her gill pattern is the same in all forms that carrying the animal form with it. Other Rokea and sharks can tell who the individual is from sight.

About the Company

Lamnidae Tours is more than just a diving company – we are deeply committed to conservation. We are one of the top cage diving operators based in Port O'Connor, Texas.


A crucial part of our initiative is to educate local and international visitors about the conservation plight of sharks. We run daily trips to educate guests about the different species of sharks and our current conservation initiatives. Our cage diving trips give visitors the opportunity to see sharks in their natural environment, where their grace and beauty is most evident.

  • We have been operating for 50 years with a 100% safety record.
  • We limit the number of passengers on our guide boats to 12 people in order to provide more time for shark cage viewing and a personal, exclusive experience
  • Lamnidae Tours is fully committed to the preservation of Texas' vast shark species and our marine environment as a whole. This is reflected in our various conservation and social responsibility initiatives, including our volunteer programme.
    Lamnidae Tours.png
  • We have a 98% shark sighting success rate through the year, however, please bear in mind that sightings of wild animals can never be guaranteed.

Upon relocation to Port O'Connor, Lamnidae Tours took over a building and dock system, on the coast with the main focus to ecotourism and oceanic wildlife rehabilitation. Our efforts continue to increase as growing environmental issues are on the rise, battling out contamination and pollution.
For tour information, hosting workshops or derby's, feel free to contact us.

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  • 2007; Joins a coalition for Anti-whaling and Shark fishing through Ken Loneheart and becomes work colleagues doing scientific and environmentalist work regarding shark-fishing and occasionally whaling in the pacific ocean;
  • 2009; takes over operating Lamnidae’s Superbia, an Aker DSV 06 , the largest boat in the fleet of her parents company
  • 2010; Helps Sarah "Clean Plate" Romanov get to the Sept of the Crescent Moon to fight the Wyrm forces descending upon the Sept. Leaves before the battle begins and comes back after it is done.
    • Shortly after the battle, Priscilla relocates, Frost Paws from the Sept of the Cresent Moon, out of Russia to, Sept of the Last Breath.
  • 2011; (Rokea Only Knowledge) - Assists with the Seed Planting of the first Grotto, obtained from the Red Talons;
    • Officially relocates to San Juan, Puerto Rico to live;
    • Present and took part in the lifting of the Ban for Rokea return to land; meets Razortooth, Abby Lamnidae and Whisper Eater;
    • Gets mated to Razortooth; Family and Company relocated to Puerto Rico;
    • helps Vasya "Broken Promise" get from Africa to Los Angeles, California;
  • 2012; Contracted for work to observe the sharks of the Mariana Trench, where she meets Tides of Time;
  • 2015; Meets Nikoleta Vassos in San Francisco while hosting a shark-feeding tour;
  • 2016; Helps with clean up and recovery stories for the Santa Barbara, CA incident (March);
    • Arrives to help with recovery in Puerto Rico after the Sept of Silver Passage was destroyed (July);
    • Takes part in the Seed Planting at Isla de Cabras, near San Juan, Puerto Rico (August)
  • 2017; Flies to a Sept in recovery in Wales to assist;
    • Helps the Sept of the Crimson Rock with kinfolk abductions, helping take down the Pentex operation there;
    • Visits her friend Jo Trevino at the Sept of the Rising Moon;
    • Helps with Grotto recovery in near Wales with other Rokea.
    • Attends the Grand Concolation in Austin, TX;
      • Helps a group free an imprisoned slumbering Leviathan;
    • Attends the War Council as the Rokea Assistant, helping Razortooth with need info;
    • Attends the Fera Summit, acting as translator for her Rokea Convoy;
    • Helps with the creation of the Kinfolk Tapestry;
    • Helps with proving a Fetish recovered by Swims-The-Shallows for his rank challenge;
    • Goes to San Juan, CA to help with a Rokea quest;
  • 2018; Arrives to aid Houston, TX before departing suddenly;
    • Arrives in Bloomington, IN to help with 3 Broken Lands;
    • Recently withdrawn from majority of public contact.
    • Attends the wedding in the Arcadian Gateway.
      • Everyone ends up in Malfeas.
      • Meets a Selkie.
      • Ends up also getting married officially and taking part in a wrestling match to keep spirits high to keep the wards going to prevent attack from Malfeas.
    • Visits a Selkie Kingdom on personal invites.
    • Arrives in San Antonio and helps gather samples for the Sept of the Rising Moon about formori cattle and humans from a farm.
    • Family and Company relocate to Port O'Connor, TX. Helps establish The Last Bastion of Light's Keep.
  • 2019;
    • Twins born; Kai (girl) and Kuril (boy) Lamnidae; July 14th,
    • Begins awakening at the far movement of the clock; September
    • Fully Awakens and shifts; October 29th
    • Completes her Long Swim, becoming On the Surface; December 8th;
      • Submits her first song and story to the Rokea and is named Gallant;
      • Shares stories and information at Wayward and named Worthy;
  • 2020;
    • Earns Paragon for a story of a Fallen Grotto on the Rokea Tapestry;
    • Makes the final push, founding the Matagorda Island Shark Sanctuary Jan 30th, Named Hero for this deed;