Priscilla Lamnidae

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Information Known by those Outside the Circle

Name: Priscilla Lamnidae
Title: The Unborn Awakened
Position: Apex of the Grotto of Burning Waters
Deed Name: Deep Song
Breed: Rokea
Auspice: Dimwater
Rank: In the Cold Seas(4)
Honorary Names: Soul of Water, Heart of Ocean, Teeth of Sea, Mother of Rokea, Mother of Kunspawn, Reverie of the Tide
Fame (2): Local Ocean Conservationist
Notable Traits: Appearance Focused, Not Bitten
Current Location: Port O'Connor, TX
Slew: Guardians of the Deep
Company: Lamnidae Tours
Spirit Pact: Otto, Jaggling Caribbean Reef Octopus

  • Rokea Weapons and Armor Smith
  • Master Crafter
    • Blacksmithing
    • Leatherworking
    • Culinary Arts
  • Artisan Crafter
    • Woodworking

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OnyxPath-Rokea.png Dimwater, Rokea Auspice - "Dim" and "Water"

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Allies and Family

In Memory

In Loving Memory, Remembrance, Death

What is Said



Priscillasharktooth.png "Not meat." - Dredges-Unsea's-Corruption-from-the-Vast-Expanses-of-Sea
Priscillasharktooth.png "Don't mess with her waters! I don't care if they call her Kin, she's a shark." -Mathias St. Claire
Priscillasharktooth.png "I respect her, not because I am The Great White Death's pup, no, it is her prowess and her ability to command respect in those around her, her ability to protect the things that she does not completely understand, that she has come so far... yes, that says much of her, but above all... She is a good mate for The Great White Death, she balances him. These are why I respect her. " Swims Deep
Priscillasharktooth.png "A very dear friend who now gets her own special Loot crate." Valen Cross
Priscillasharktooth.png "Such a nice young lady. She gave me peanuts." Paper Wolf
Priscillasharktooth.png "She seems very nice. I don't recognize kinfolk much, but she seems useful and even better she has tact and decorum. She's aces in my book." Ian MacAllan
Priscillasharktooth.png "She’s an ankle bitter. Very deadly." - That Asshole
Priscillasharktooth.png "Between those born on two legs or not, Garou and Fera have their extremes. Kinfolk are outside even those, trying to bridge the gaps between us-as-we-are and the truest state of those forms as Gaia made them. That gap is rarely wider than between a shark and a girl. She has hard days ahead of her, so it is good to see that she loves them nonetheless." Hereandthere
Priscillasharktooth.png "Her devotion to her people is matched only by her fearless nature. Priscilla is a force of nature." - Jonathan Lucas
Priscillasharktooth.png "She seems a lot of fun, and keen to help out. Admirable, would like to get to know her better, but I dread to think what swimming would do to my hair and fur!" Wyrmbaiter
Priscillasharktooth.png "She continues a trend of kinfolk who are willing and able to dispel rumors and myths. I'd be glad to talk to her some more." - Arturo Mendoza
Priscillasharktooth.png "There is a Rokea? Here, in San Antonio? But we aren't in any oceans. What's she gonna do when we gotta fight?" - Artemis
Priscillasharktooth.png "I had forgotten how much fun it was to go on a rumble with my girl Priscilla. I'll fight the wyrm by her side any day." - Jo Trevino
Priscillasharktooth.png "Wow, Rokea kinfolk, only heard tales about them, what a time we live in." - Cedrick Fannon
Priscillasharktooth.png "Awooo." - Boar Slayer
Priscillasharktooth.png "She didn't seem like she quite knew what to make of us, but she and her mate were very polite and she told a great story at our moot. I'll be interested to learn more about her and her kind." - Maeve of the Painted Heart
Priscillasharktooth.png "Where in the world did she pull THAT from? I've seen sword swallowing... but harpoon swallowing? And REVERSE harpoon swallowing at that!" - Wyrmbaiter

Priscillasharktooth.png "I still am trying to figure out this.. hugging thing.. She teaches well." - Whisper Eater
Forge Glyph.png

Priscillasharktooth.png "Few realise that the Sept of Gathering Tides is built on the ashes of an ancient Caern. Not in the exact location, but close enough to share spirits with that near-forgotten place. Spirits such as Dolphin, who empowers our Caern as she empowered that one. Those few who know the stories of that ancient place know that it stood before the War of Rage, and that it was defended by Garou and Rokea, side-by-side. Not long ago such a thing would have been laughable, seen as little more than a fairy tale for naive pups. Now, day by day, our people draw close in shared duty to this world, both land and sea. Priscilla is perhaps the single most important element of these new bonds. I dream of a day when pups will laugh at the thought of a time when Garou and Rokea were in conflict. She is that dream given form." - Ambrose Silverheart
Priscillasharktooth.png "She seems quite nice, for a giant shark that can swallow me whole. Her mate scares me though." - Please Stop Talking
Priscillasharktooth.png "I cannot say I know much about her or her kind, but I can say on record that they all, kin and changers alike, have this quiet intensity that roils just below the surface. It's a little off-putting to be sure, but I am certainly glad I had the chance to have a serious conversation. I still can't get the Jaws theme out of my head whenever they are around though, you probably shouldn't mention that part." - Oliver "Truth & Consequences" Bishop
Priscillasharktooth.png "While our interactions have been brief she is a kinfolk worth knowing. Her behavior and personality reminds me of family I've lost during the Apocalypse." - Clickbait
Priscillasharktooth.png "Her compassion draws me to her. It took us living in different places to become friends." - Sylvi Anker
Priscillasharktooth.png "I had never met a Rokea Kinfolk before. What an interesting lady." - Rose Marie Davis
Priscillasharktooth.png "Don't be too mad at him, I put him into a compromising position." - Persona Non Grata
Priscillasharktooth.png "She's more of a squamus than I'd ever be, and she's Kadugo!" - Matthew Kyle Waters
Priscillasharktooth.png "Silly Shifters, believing their kin are human. Silly, silly, silly. She belongs as much to the Sea as I do to Coyote." - 'Spector
Priscillasharktooth.png "Must be difficult being one of the rare few homid kinfolk of the Rokea. I respect the strength she's built in the face of all this." - Martial Law
Priscillasharktooth.png "Is the greatest thing since... Well fish. She is the most important connection I have, and she is the greatest friend of Kunspawn. She has taught me more dirtwalkers ways to help me understand the now, the connections needed between Rokea and dirtshifters. If anyone hurts her Razortooth will be racing me for the hunt." - Shipsinker
Priscillasharktooth.png"Most excellent taste in Fishies and Friendies, hopefully in time we may become friends as we get to know each other!" - Hattori Toshio
Priscillasharktooth.png "I share a sept with her Brother. But really I'd heard of her before I knew of the relationship. I've observed the deference given to her by the Rokea, even the sept leader of Puerto Rico. I think that speaks a great deal about the force of personality she has. She's been a terrific ally." - Catalin Corbeanu
Priscillasharktooth.png "Did you see what just crawled out from under her bed? That is so awesome! I haven't had the chance to get to know her, but now I do, I can't wait for our next adventure!" - Molly Tucker
Priscillasharktooth.png "She came upon a breath of cold air and showed the great heart of the Rokea to those of us who are most landlocked. I look forward to seeing her again." - Olivia Whitefeather, Fostern Ahroun of the Wendigo
Priscillasharktooth.png"One of the warmest, capable people I've encountered. Any kin or shifter can only hope to get their shit together like she does. I know I do." - Amber Lauren
Priscillasharktooth.png"Priscilla is one of the most active women I have ever seen in my life, and all would do well to remain on her good side." - Thyra Laskaris
Priscillasharktooth.png"Once again reminding people that kinfolk have always fought. In her case better than most shifters." - Verity Apple Willow
Priscillasharktooth.png"She Lost her Husband, Who was The Probably One of The Top Strongest Ahroun in The Sept. That is a Major hit for the Sept already. But Atleast we Got her backing us up. I Heard she is a Killing Machine on The Battlefield and Got some major pull in the Homid society. I guess the Couple came in a Package deal." - Stags-Fury
Priscillasharktooth.png"Ms. Lamnidae is calm, cool, and collected in battle. I have never seen her act rashly, but she is swift and decided when needed. It is easy to see why she is highly regarded and protected by her people. After all....they are not stupid." - Anton 'Guards-The-Door' Rourke
Priscillasharktooth.png"She's been a good friend and supportive when I needed it. Wish we were closer." - Cassidy Black
Priscillasharktooth.png"I feel as if her words spoken are chosen wisely before she opens her mouth. You can hear the sway in her tone and the strength in her attitude. " - Elizabeth Tvarivich
Priscillasharktooth.png"She is warm, and kind, and giving. And underneath all that I can feel a great and powerful strength." - Inge Hansen
Priscillasharktooth.png"Within her runs a deep well of strength, and deeper still a dedication to her family that one should never put themselves on the wrong side of. I envy what they have built, and the close knit ties that run far deeper than blood alone." - Madison Walsh
Priscillasharktooth.png"I wish I could say these words and have them stay with you, I wish the Nation knew how much I see you Worthy for the loyalty you showed us by standing with the Treaty after all this time." - Amasis Sabry, Lord of the Sept of Gathering Tides
Priscillasharktooth.png"A genuine pleasure to work with, she and her husband are shining examples of how the Nation and the Rokea can work together in harmony. I trust her wholly with how she takes care of her matters, and I see a long and healthy working relationship in the future." - DC
Priscillasharktooth.png"She seems to know what's what. Now if only people would stop talking over her and let her actually give the information that she has."-Prism's Laughter
Priscillasharktooth.png"She's still fantastic, wrestling her always teaches me something new about myself. The way she holds herself and cares for her family is admirable. The way she represents the kinfolk of the Nation is honorable. When shit hits the fan, I know where to run to; the one that's always cooking." - Amber Lauren
Priscillasharktooth.png"Living proof that Kin can be as fierce and dedicated as any shifter. She is a remarkable woman." - Tenebrous Harmony
Priscillasharktooth.png"I don't care if she is kin or not... if she gets that look in her eye run. Seriously run and maybe avoid water at all costs." - Erin Murray
Priscillasharktooth.png"Strong and driven, a wonderful woman with the best opinions about the world and how to move forward. The sort of person everyone needs as a friend." - Kaito
Priscillasharktooth.png"She excuses the inexcusable. She defends the indefensible. Her life is a storybook. Spin a shell. Turn a page. A happy ending. Spin a shell. Turn a page. The blood of her spawn, the cries of her sorrow." - Landswimmer
Priscillasharktooth.png"She is a late bloomer. She is not bitten. Don't worry about it." - Muertow
Priscillasharktooth.png"Some changes in life are good. Some changes cause uncertainty and fear. How I see it - Priscilla did not change. She became more of her true self." - Elizabeth Tvarivich
Priscillasharktooth.png"So, Dances on the Midnight Waves? Dances on the Shimmering Ocean? I can' many words...sorry?" - Umiaktorvik
Priscillasharktooth.png"Honestly I don't know what to make of her. She's hella intimidating in person even when she's not talking about eating people. But also, she posted a relatable meme." - Chris "Wrong Mountain" Brooks
Priscillasharktooth.png"The Rokea, collectively, have produced some of Gaia's fiercest and finest, and she is no different." - Spins Silver
Priscillasharktooth.png " She's impressive when you first meet her, but she's ever so sweet. I'm happy to have her as a friend" - R3N3G4D3

Priscilla Standing Jaws.png


Priscillasharktooth.png Finding out Rokea exist was her dream come true. Getting taken as a Mate to one was much more of a surprise for her though.
Priscillasharktooth.png Taking part in the discussion and efforts for the lifting of the Ban was a personal goal to reunite with her aunt, Abby.
Priscillasharktooth.png Never put anything near her mouth if you value it.
Priscillasharktooth.png #SharkShouter
Priscillasharktooth.png #HarpoonSwallower
Priscillasharktooth.png Priscilla the snoot boopin' shark shepherd
Priscillasharktooth.png Her "Father-In-Law" would kill her if he had a chance.
Priscillasharktooth.png One of the Founders of the Kinfolk Tapestry.
Priscillasharktooth.png Has begun research into vaccines for sharks for wild reintroduction for captive bred and raised sharks.
Priscillasharktooth.png Both Garou and Rokea alike look over their shoulders when they hear her name.
Priscillasharktooth.png Wears the pants in her relationship
Priscillasharktooth.png #FoodGoddess
Priscillasharktooth.png Disappeared.

Master crafted Trident named, Kraken's Bite

Priscillasharktooth.png Her cooking made Gordon Ramsay weep tears of joy.
Priscillasharktooth.png Resurfaces in Houston before going to the wedding of her friend Brevalaer.
Priscillasharktooth.png Went 13-0 in a wrestling match and won a Fetish.
Priscillasharktooth.png Regularly visits Vahalla Ranch having done a lot of work on the farm itself with many other kinfolk and shifters.
Priscillasharktooth.png On an off day, feeds her family spam and eggs.
Priscillasharktooth.png If you ask her about the Baby Shark song, by forces unknown, she has to start singing along.
Priscillasharktooth.png Capable of eating as much tuna as her mate can regurgitate. May in fact be some kind of penguin-kin.
Priscillasharktooth.png Valka ate some of the wedding food Priscilla prepared and was not displeased with it.
Priscillasharktooth.png She actually shook hands with Valka.
Priscillasharktooth.png The Gale Winds and Remora spirits have been following her recently with great interest.
Priscillasharktooth.png She's actually Shazear.
Priscillasharktooth.png Rumor here.

Spirit Whispers of Actions

In Wales, word comes back across the Pond that a Pit was destroyed.

Priscillasharktooth.pngSpirits speak of the selfless act of the Kadugo to give a piece of herself to aid in the creation of a Tapestry.

The Spirits speak of the old lot at Lemon Lane… They murmur about Priscilla Lamnidae, Kadugo to the Kunspawn, an alien to Sea’s Soul, who came to the UnSea and employed her knowledge of animals and invoked the Spirit Ward, a Gift to her from the Spirits, at both this Broken Land and the one at Bennett’s Dump, to study the ecological damage done and devise a plan to heal the UnSea in that place. They also notice shifts in UnSea’s Soul apparently due to her actions in the UnSea that seem to motivate the Dirtwalker children of C’et there to become involved in restoring the UnSea and its Small Seas to health.

Priscillasharktooth.pngWhatever a Harrckle is, they're killing them at Sept of the Rising Moon in San Antonio. Glory spirits report they're impressed, if slightly confused.

Two hundred and fifty Gaians, a sizable portion of the surviving Garou Nation, were trapped in Malfeas and barely escaped with their lives. Glory spirits cry out at their noble escape, but spirits of Wisdom wonder what they brought back with them.

Priscillasharktooth.pngSpirits murmur their respect to the ferocity of this Kadugo in battle.

Bloomington, In. slowly recovers from the madness that has befallen the area over the last several months.

Priscillasharktooth.pngIn Houston, a daring alliance of Gaians struck against, and ultimately destroyed, a local Hive. The Sept of Bayou’s Blessing sent their call out, “The Sept Is In Danger! We Have Found Where The Wyrm Breeds!” it cried out. Their spirits went far and wide to search out for brave allies in defense of their spiritual seed. What they found were friends, allies, defenders, and fighters arriving at their Sept. Their call had been heard. The Kin of Rokea went steps further, gaining precious time for the assault to begin.

Took part in the task of slaying of a great colossal squid for the pack formation of the Guardians of the Deep, gaining Sea Serpents favor and granting her a single request.

Priscillasharktooth.png Remora spirits speak of an Unborn who walked among the Bastion, experiencing their first change.

Gale Wind spirits mention seeing a great white shark riding in the waves at night, as if in a joyful escapade, surfing along the crests. A curious and yet playful display breaching among the waves.

Priscillasharktooth.png Assisted taking down a Brujah Methuselah in a Pentex building near Traveler's Respite in Canada, by attacking the shadow that was pulled out of it.

Creates a Moot that the spirits recognize and performs it for the very first time.

Priscillasharktooth.png Spirits continue to keep their ears about for further tidbits.