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OOC Information

Player: Elexeia Rouse

VSS: The Last Bastion of Light’s Keep

Storyteller: David

Home Domain: TX-059-D

VIP Information

  • Assisted with the Grotto Seed Planting, BNS Apoc pg 170 (06050028)
  • Part of the Lifting of the 2011 Rokea Ban (4120006)
  • Tie to a cannon NPC Elissa Bloodsong - Informant (4120005)
  • Tie to a cannon NPC Abby Lamnidae - Aunt (43017004)

Miscillaneous Approvals

  • History tied to San Francisco approved by local iVST David Barnhill.
  • Approved Timeline: 2012: Mariana Trench - 6 months. (2017-02-WtA-7373-005)
  • Houston Historical ties to NPC Rokea Slew approved by VST Andy Lambert.
  • Approved Timeline: Traveling from Cresent Moon and Last Breath to charter PCs to and from before and after the battle. (Did not stay for the Battle of Cresent Moon) (2017-06-WtA-7373-009)

Background Ties
I have a lot of gaps and space between 2013-2016. Priscilla is a heavily traveled PC. If you hail from a DPotM and looking for ties that got you into the States, I am willing to put into DPotM approval to help.

  • Did you need undocumented travel?
    • Where you fleeing?
    • Going to War and needed water transport?
    • Family needed to relocate you safely but didn't have the legal documents so you could remain with them?
  • Traveling from Greater Carens in the background and could not afford to fly or go by ship?
  • If Rokea, did she aid you in something you were unable to do as Squamus?
  • Needed relative skills in Marine Biology?
    • Training?
    • SCUBA Instructions?
  • Did you attend one of her tours?
    • San Francisco (Pre 2011)
    • Puerto Rico (2011 - 2018)
    • Houston, TX (2018 - 2018)
    • Port O’Connor, TX (September 2018 - Current)

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