Prom 2019

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On Behalf of Principal Ezekiel Weld

The Prom Committee of


invites you to an


Join us Saturday the Tenth of August Two Hours After Sunset

Boston Waterworks Museum

Huge "Thank You!" to the Psych Club for securing the Museum!

Please be aware students from That Religious School down the street will be joining us as always.

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OOC Information

Hey Everyone the August Masquerade is going to be a fun social night modeled after a High School Prom. Consider the below OOC information to have made the rounds through the rumor mill as your characters went about their unlives over the last month. Some social etiquette changes are expected and will be enforced by the Harpy & Talons for the night...

  • Freshmen = Neonates
  • Juniors = Ancilla
  • Seniors = Elders
  • Principal = Prince / Doyen
  • Chaperones = Primogen
  • Reporters = Harpy & Virago
  • The Sabbat Ambassadors are Foreign Exchange Students who can only speak good English to a Camarilla Ambassador aka their Host Family.. Sabbat Ambassadors should speak in broken english to everyone else or preferably a foreign language.
  • Speaking in appropriate High School Metaphors is expected!
  • Game will be held at the normal OOC Location, IC Location is the museum.
  • Private meeting rooms for various "Student Groups" can be ICly arranged for by contacting "Drystan" aka Chris R. in advance


Player: Chris R.

Storyteller: Aaron

Location: Boston