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Prudence of the Daughters of Cacophony.
Prudence, in 2018.

Name: Prudence

Notable Traits: Midlength curly purple and black Bob, Lovely singing voice(performance 8)

Clan: Daughter of Cacophony

Sect: Anarch(UFS)

Trusted associates:



Fucking Hollis

Justyna Dziubek


Dominick Rickard

Siegrid of the True North

Larue Dawson

Fitz MacKenzie


Current Location: Dallas

Known by Kindred Society

Prudence was born in the late 1700s in what is now the northern part of North Carolina. After war broke out, she was found by her future domitor, Siegrid of the True North. She served as a ghoul for two centuries being passed back and forth between Siegrid and Mila Rurik at one point, until she was stolen in the dead of night and embraced as a Daughter of Cacophony by her sire, Saint. After a decade of training in music, arts and etiquette by her newfound family, she moved to Atlanta in May of 2015 with a ghoul named Sharla in tow. She embraced Sharla in October of 2017. She served as Constable, then Advocate of Atlanta, signing on as a member of the United Free States. She recently relocated to the Dallas domain.

Speculation and Rumors

-She fell in love with a Ravnos woman half a century ago and still can't let it go.

-She is a member of a lineage of Daughters that have met untimely ends

-She is not actually a Daughter of Cacophony, she's a Brujah that learned Melpominee via diablerie.

-Prudence would do, and has done, absolutely anything for her gang.

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Voices from the Chorus

"She is the epitome of everything a valkyrie should be. I would let her stomp my head into the curb ten times just to learn something from her." – Lacey
"Sangen hun synger stemmer ikke ofte overens med melodien til handlingene hennes. Vi finner felles grunn i de sjeldne tider hvor handling møter intensjon." - Prince Magnusson
"Looks like trouble, sounds like something else all together." – Samuel Hayes

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Storyteller: Nathan A

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Location: Atlanta, GA