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Space Almanac: Pteradon


Basic Information

Name: Pteradon

Location: Caldera System

Category: Fauna

Description: The species comes in a range of sizes, as small as 14 kilograms to as large as 70 kilograms, with wingspans from one meter to three meters - Size 3 to Size 5.

Almanac Status: Unverified Entry

Submitted by: Asteria Industries, Alek Hawthorne, & Lightning Co.

Research Notes

  • Discovered in October 4118
  • Field Notes Agile hunters yet opportunist scavengers. Noted to Roost along cliff edges near water for ease of finding prey. Keen eye sight and curved talons grant them the ability to pluck prey from the water. Short powerful dives can occur yet this species tends to favor souring over water and hunting on wing to take their catch back to a high roosting spot or nest to feed young.
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OOC Information

Storyteller: Sean McKeown

Storyteller Email:

Approval Level: Low Approval to Use