Purissimma Geiss

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Purissimma Geiss

  • Embrace date: 1253 BCE
  • Generation: 5th
  • Clan: Ventrue
  • Sire: Arakur of Ur
  • Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
  • Current Location: Switzerland
  • ST Point of Contact: MES ANST Masquerade
  • ST Point of Contact: AANST Camarilla
  • Title: Rightful Prince of Switzerland
  • Dignitas: Peerless
Purissimma Geiss.png

Physical Description

A middle aged woman with tightly braided hair, Purissimma prefers that she be depicted in sculpture and marble busts.

General Information

Believed to have been embraced from the Indo-European settlement referred to as the Urnfield culture, this ancient Swiss Ventrue once argued in favor of a Camarilla alliance with the Giovanni. The Rightful Prince of Switzerland, she built her reputation as a mediator of undead affairs through settling conflicts between the Ventrue and the Giovanni during the Victorian Age. Centuries later she would willingly enter torpor. With the financial collapse of 2009 CE the Ventrue lost control of the Swiss banks, resulting in a broad financial coup by the Giovanni. The Ventrue Clan reacted swiftly, but the Giovanni had been preparing for decades. Outmaneuvered and dreading the complete loss of their hegemony, Clan Ventrue awakened Purissimma Giess hoping to utilize the Methuselah’s power and gold reserves. Many Giovanni were personally in debt to her, and she used those boons ruthlessly to stifle the merchant Clan. In exchange for her significant personal expenditures on behalf of her Clan, Giess demanded only one thing: that the throne of Switzerland be ceded again to her authority. The Country’s current Prince, the independent Brujah Guillaume, refused to surrender his praxis or even negotiate with the Ventrue. Rumors circulated in Europe that during Giess’s reign the two vampires were lovers. If so, the Brujah did not welcome her rise A bitter, cold enmity now exists between the two vampires. Both Giess and Guillaume are extremely well-connected, and any conflict would immediately escalate to consume both clans, and potentially the whole of vampire society. Giess is a scion of the Camarilla, and Guillaume is an independent Prince. Giess’s Humanity is notably lacking, while Guillaume is a paragon of proper ethics and morality. Rumors claim that Guillaume has ties to mysterious and secluded elders of the Inconnu, while others whisper that Giess gained her boons over the Giovanni by aiding in their destruction of the Cappadocians. Both elders have prominent lineages, and both have many allies. The struggle between the two could inflame old hatreds between the Ventrue and the Brujah clans. If the rivalry is allowed to fester and erupt into open war, it could tear the sect apart.

Known Childer

  • None


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