Pwn Stars

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Gang Information

Name: Pwn Stars

The Roster:

Gang Info:
The Pwn Stars started out of pure survival needs of Nimrod and company. The three friends are fanatical in support of each other, and Nimrod is teaching them the skills so they can be Elite like him. They are down for whatever, believing in the Revolutionary doctrine they are firmly in that camp. Most are members of the Liberty Club with Nimrod being a member of the Anarch Free Press as well. Potential members are Unmercilessly hazed by the gang and have to have a Three month initiation period where they are treated lower than dirt. But if they hang in there, they can join a family that always watches each other six no matter what.

They are members of the bigger worldwide known gang the NWA and the leader of this gang carries the Monicker for this gang.


  • The NWA the parent gang we are allied with.


  • The Pwn Stars once hacked the electrical grid of the Bahamas just cuz they can.
  • The Pwn Stars are secretly allied with Anonymous and are a clique of Hacktivists.
  • They hacked the Church of Scientology during the Anonymous Op just because it sounded like fun.


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OOC Information

Name: The Pwn Stars a Chapter of NWA
Members: Nimrod Malkowitz, Emrys Diomedes, Veronica Shillings
Leader: Nimrod Malkowitz of Clan Malkavian
Sects: Anarch
City Positions:
Location: Nassau Bahamas
VST1: Shane Evans

Location: Nassau Bahamas