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“"You become the monster you fear the worst, so the monster won't overtake you." - Suzanne Weyn, The Bar Code Tattoo
Пётр Волков

Personal Information

Full Name: Пётр Волков (Pyotr Volkov)
Year of Birth: 1061
Apparent Age: Nineteen
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Social Class: Elder
Position: Primogen
City: Phoenix, AZ
Fleeting Status: Acclaimed, Courteous, Loyal


  • Night on Bald Mountain [1]
  • Peter and the Wolf [2]

RP Hooks

  • Former experimental partner
  • Former experimental subject
  • Fellow hunters of the infernal
  • Elders
  • Tremere

Known Associates

Known to the Camarilla

Pyotr is a curmudgeonly Elder with a chip on his shoulder. His hatred of all things infernal is well known.



  • Pyotr once singlehandedly negotiated peace with the Lupines of Phoenix. Somehow.
  • He protests too much, no one who claims to hate the infernal that much could be anything but.
  • He loves vodka soaked sour patch kids.


  • "Pyotr is the whole coin. You get both sides; the good, the bad, the elegant, the crass. The only problem is, just like the coin, it's fifty-fifty what you're going to get." - Kaius Drescher
  • "He's quite uptight, he's got a lot of stress he needs to rid himself of." - Jefferson Tully
  • "I want very much to trust him, but the man once wore the same damned bathrobe for a decade until it fell off of him in the middle of Court. Come on!" - Chaunce DuFresne
  • "The Oscar to my Felix... or I'm the Oscar to his Felix, depends on the night. I don't always get what makes him tick but after being his effective roommate for a hundred plus years, I don't think I could imagine my life without him or his insights." - Lavinia MacDonald

OOC Information

Player: Wade Y.

Player Email: Wade Y.

Storyteller: Michael D.

Storyteller Email: DMH DST

Location: Phoenix, AZ

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