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"Being a candle is not easy; in order to give light one must first burn." -Rumi


Character Description


Name: Quasar

Notable Traits: Striking Looks

Society: Cahalith Storm Lord

Home Port: Wayfinder Station

Pack: Vengeance of Luna


Gender: Female

Apparent Age: 20

Height: 5' 4"

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Born of the Sheltered Elite, she was kidnapped as a teenager and brought out to the Verge. She was tried to escape and was eventually helped and rescued by Ehroth someone. Fascinated by the freedom out on the Verge, she refuses to go back home. It is a good thing too, for a few years later, she shifts for the first time, her wolf-blood coming through and making her a werewolf.

On Wayfinder, Quasar has started raising rabbits for fur, food, and pets. Her bunnies are known for their softness. It's a thing that seems to be the simple act that makes her happy.

She is the "Very Sociable Werewolf."(TM)


Gibbousmoonq.png 4092 Born
Gibbousmoonq.png 4110 Kidnapped
Gibbousmoonq.png 4110 Rescued by Ehroth Someone
Gibbousmoonq.png 4111 Left out on her own
Gibbousmoonq.png 4111 Packed with Hafal Ur
Gibbousmoonq.png 4118 Became mated to Ehroth No one. She doesn't date, what a silly thing to do.

Public Information

Gibbousmoonq.png Always dressed in jewel toned dresses
Gibbousmoonq.png Hangs about the Nebula
Gibbousmoonq.png Mated to Ehroth No One... why do people keep asking about this?
Gibbousmoonq.png Quite fast
Gibbousmoonq.png Changes into a small white wolf.


Gibbousmoonq.png It is said that a white wolf sneaks over to the Katharos brothers' quarters to serenade their window nightly.
Gibbousmoonq.png Quasar is not her real name.
Gibbousmoonq.png She is running from her past.
Gibbousmoonq.png She likes to roam the station as a wolf and steal sausages.
Gibbousmoonq.png She knows the only place a dragon is ticklish.
Gibbousmoonq.png She's secretly a Garmin and Floof cross-breed, but would never admit it.
Gibbousmoonq.png Quasar was not Hafal-Urs student, indeed she is one of the oldest wolves, and is at least one thousand years old.
Gibbousmoonq.png Werewolves keep looking for Luna...except for Quasar, because Quasar knows right where she is.
Gibbousmoonq.png Of course Quasar knows where Luna is...Quasar is Luna.
Gibbousmoonq.png Why do I get the feeling she really runs Wayfinder station?
Gibbousmoonq.png Shattered her heart and had all pain removed, she now does not know how to love.
Gibbousmoonq.png Her fur was enchanted by a bored mage to always be the softest possible. She is the Softest Bork.
Gibbousmoonq.png Every time she gazes out into the void of space she feels like someone should be next to her, but she can never quite recall who... or even why.
Gibbousmoonq.png She isn't a werewolf, but an Elemental made out of precious jewels. Axion is exceptionally jealous.
Gibbousmoonq.png (Feel free to add your own)


Gibbousmoonq.png "A cut above most of her kind, but a curse is a curse." - Evander
Gibbousmoonq.png "So much more than meets the eye. Hidden depths, and a liking for colour that always brings a smile to my face. And certainly not someone to under-estimate." - Ehroth
Gibbousmoonq.png "She's the one with the words. Deals with other people. She's very good at it." - Elyl
Gibbousmoonq.png "She's young, but what she does is very important, and she should be given the freedom to do it well, Luna help us." - Hafal Ur
Gibbousmoonq.png "She is beautiful and when she let me touch her fur, it was soft." - Tristan Katharos
Gibbousmoonq.png "Iskra much love Quasar. Wise, Fierce, much pretty pretty. Iskra proud have Quasar be family to Iskra." - Iskra
Gibbousmoonq.png "She keeps my bouncer sane which makes her a highly valued friend." - Alek
Gibbousmoonq.png "You heard me. I love you, Quasar, my mate." - Ehroth
Gibbousmoonq.png "I will defend my Pack-Sister to the end, from any hardship." - - Axion
Gibbousmoonq.png "This young wolf doesn't deserve some of the hardships she has received in life. Yet when given lemons she turned them into lemonade." - Magnus Duskthorne
Gibbousmoonq.png (Feel free to add your own)

Friends, allies, and others

Gibbousmoonq.png Ehroth
Gibbousmoonq.png Hafal-Ur
Gibbousmoonq.png Elyl
Gibbousmoonq.png Axion
Gibbousmoonq.png Tristan
Gibbousmoonq.png Evander
Gibbousmoonq.png Iskra
Gibbousmoonq.png Magnus Duskthorne
Gibbousmoonq.png (Feel free to add yourself)


Quasar's Playlist

Gibbousmoonq.png She's a Lady - Tom Jones Gibbousmoonq.png Losing My Religion - R.E.M. Gibbousmoonq.png Of Wolf and Man, Live with the SFSO - Metallica Gibbousmoonq.png Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely) - P!nk Gibbousmoonq.png Human, Live with the SFSO - Metallica Gibbousmoonq.png Trust in You - The Offspring Gibbousmoonq.png Rise and Fall - The Offspring Gibbousmoonq.png Spaceship - Kesha Gibbousmoonq.png Shine - Collective Soul Gibbousmoonq.png Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve Gibbousmoonq.png Don't Stop Me Know - Queen Gibbousmoonq.png Tightrope - Janelle Monae Gibbousmoonq.png Appletree - Erykah Badu Gibbousmoonq.png The Constellation of the Heart - Kate Bush Gibbousmoonq.png Hallelujah - Tori Kelly Gibbousmoonq.png Love is a Losing Game - Amy Winehouse Gibbousmoonq.png

OOC Information

Player: Cali C.

Email: Hit me up.

Story Teller: Virtual Staff

Location: Clearwater, Fl

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