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Subject Profile

Name: Leon Redacted, Quietfoot
Type: Werewolf

Subtype A: Lupus Subtype B: Ragabash
Subtype C: Bone Gnawer


Location: Sept of the Fallen Green
Pack: Vigiles Urbani

Other Status: Fostern


OOC Contact: Jay Knox
Member Number: US2010076329
ST Contact: John C.


Quietfoot is a Black man of average height and build. He wears clothing that is ill-fitting in that it is usually a size or two big for him and clearly from a Good Will. He also has a distinct musk of someone who does not bathe regularly.

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Quietfoot is an adult Lupus who has been through some intense and traumatic experiences. These experiences have left their mark on him- he is generally quiet and smiles infrequently. As he has recently been more exposed to the other shifters of the Sept, Quietfoot has started to come out of his shell more. His time with the other cubs especially has helped this.

When entering a new space Quietfoot always determines where all of the exits are.

Quietfoot is guarded and slides back and forth between anger and fear whenever he is around Garou that are not his pack. This fight of flight response has lessened some as he has been exposed to more of the Sept's Garou but it can still manifest especially around Garou not from his Sept. This emotional response does not extend to Fera.

Around his pack, Quietfoot is reserved and subservient but there are good days where he opens up and his Ragabash nature reveals itself. Usually he will play very small and harmless pranks, like stealing the tie Hollis has selected to wear that day or walking closely behind one of his pack-mates until they notice he’s there. Quietfoot can be like most other Ragabash, curious, quick, sneaky, and smart.

He loves exploring the parts of the city not often traveled by Homids: abandoned buildings, subway stations, or construction sites.

Type-Specific Behavior

Quietfoot is the newest member of Vigiles Urbani. He is new to New York and Garou society as a whole. As a cub he was never far from members of his pack often staying close to his alpha HollowPoint Teeth. There has been a remarkable change in Queitfoot since becoming Cliath. He now ventures off on his own often and volunteers when trouble finds its way to the Sept.

Recently, Quietfoot was instrumental in hunting down and killing the old Fool of the Sept who had fallen to the Wyrm, for this feat he was named a Hero. Shortly after this, he challenged for and successfully achieved the rank of Fostern.

Unlike most Bone Gnawers, in his Lupus form Quietfoot could never be mistaken for a dog. He is a large all black wolf with bright amber eyes.

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  • December 2011 - Leon is born to a pack of wolves.
  • September - October 2013 - Leon is abducted by the Facility. He is Bitten, and goes through his first change. While being held in the Facility he is subjected to numerous tortures and abuses.
  • July 2015 - A pack of Garou and Fera from the NY Sept attack the Facility freeing many of the Garou being held. Leon is found by Hereandthere, who tries to lead him to safety but they are waylaid by the Facility’s defenders and separated. Leon escapes from an unknown facility and begins wandering around the country.
  • April 2016 - Leon is chased by trackers from the Facility into the territory of the Guhral Tiberious. Wounded and cornered Leon would have been captured or killed if not for the intervention of the other Shifter. After decimating the trackers Tiberious advises Leon to hide out in New York as it’s population is so high he’ll just blend in.
  • May 2016 - Leon returns to NYC. He lives on the streets in Fort Greene Brooklyn.
  • June 2016 - Leon meets Fiona, a young Garou new to the area. The young woman can sense that Leon is a Bitten and works to get to know him. After about a month or so they become friends.
  • August 2016 - All month Leon spotted people following him. He shook them easily mostly because they stayed at a distance. Fiona shows up for their usual meet up and tells him the people he’s seen recently are her friends. A car pulls up and inside are the people who have been following him. He can tell by their body language that they are Garou. Leon is ready to run but Fiona talks to him calmly, patiently, and is able to convince him to come with her to meet her friends.
  • September 2016 - After living with the Vigiles Urbani for a month, Hollis asks Leon if he would like to stay permanently. Being with the Vigiles Urbani is the first time Leon has felt safe since fleeing the facility. He accepts gratefully.
  • July 2017 - Leon and two other cubs, Sloan Clarke and Teddy DeLancey, work together to complete their rank challenge. Leon is recognized as a Cliath by the Sept and the nation, and takes the deed name Quietfoot.

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  • Redacted
  • Redacted
    • Redacted
    • Redacted
    • Redacted







  • The Facility
  • Many of the Facility's other Garou.

Skills and Equipment

Subjected to redacted, the facility was able to achieve mysterious evil goals yet to be revealed in Leon. At present, he has no memory of this, and whether he has access to the mysterious abilities is not known.

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Records & Reviews


Internal Reviews

Personal recordings.

  • (Things Leon has said)

External Reviews

Quotes from others.

  • ""I'll never make another one like him. My life's work depends on his recovery." - Dr. Redacted, naturally
  • "He doesn't deserve what happened to him; all I can do is make sure the rest of his life is easier on him, going forward." - Hollis
  • "A good cub who learns quickly and well. It's good that he's with a caring pack, because quickly isn't the same as quickly enough." - Hereandthere
  • "Leon does not remember kindness before we found him, only hurt. When you damage a pup over and over, it cannot grow and flourish. It becomes stunted and can only hide or snap its jaws in fear. It is important to show Leon that we will not hurt him so that he can be all that he was meant to be." - StrongTalk
  • "Maybe his first quest should be to make it one gathering without crying" - Roadhouse
  • "Hollis introduced us. He's a good soul I think. He had been bitten and tortured. I take special umbrage when a people commit a heinous act like this. Quietfoot wants to learn how to stop humans from doing more of what we've done to him. To "help" me as it were. I think he wants to learn to sleuth in the human world. He's smart enough but the human world is a complicated mess. There, right and wrong aren't as clearly defined as say in the battle field against a bane or Spiral Dancer. Surviving and succeeding hinge on his ability to understand lies and nuanced human interaction. I hope it doesn't cost him anything more than what he's already lost navigating those treacherous waters." - Cat
  • "Much as his packmate is my hope for the Glass Walkers, I place my faith in the young Ragabash for the Bone Gnawers. Quietfoot is patient and cunning, and will not be a Cliath for long." - Duskcaller


  • He killed and ate a human when he was traveling around the country.
  • He’s a kleptomaniac
  • He was Bitten by one of SageSight's Fianna relatives and that’s why he was accepted into the Vigiles Urbani.
  • Is a BSD infiltrator.
  • Add your own!

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Potential Uses (OOC)

Ties Sought

Leon’s past is a mystery. He may have a Lupus family, siblings, parents, even children out there somewhere or maybe they were all killed when he was captured. He doesn't know but I would be interested in ties like this if they make sense for both characters.

As Leon doesn't have a past I'm excited to establish future ties. Mentors, Lovers, Rivals, all are welcome.


  • Weapon X
  • Wild Child


  • Wolf Like Me – TV On The Radio
  • Born To Die – Lana Del Rey
  • Aidan – F M Le Sieur
  • Showbiz – Muse
  • Life of Brian (Apparently You Haven't Seen) – Puscifer
  • Wolf – Highly Suspect
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