Quinton Graves

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Quinton Graves

Description: Typical Brujah clothes (likes wearing a deadpool hat and either a band or comic shirt with ripped jeans)

Society: None Clan: Brujah


 A young Brujah trying to find where he belongs in the world. Thinks that most of the organizations are full of themselves and almost always owned and operated by someone or something else. He firmly believes in the choices of the single person and tends to believe much more in a person's actions than by what they say. Growing up in Mars Hill (Northern Maine) he has a lot to get through with seeing how the world is. He tries to be the best Brujah he can be and believes the clan has a lot to offer. First and foremost, he is Brujah



  • What? You call this a party? You haven't thrown a Malkavian yet...


  • Sons of Anarchy

OOC Information

Player: Derrick Burbee

Player Email: Derrick Burbee

Storyteller: Ness Klohn

Storyteller Email: VST

Location: St. John, Canada