Quintus Anicius Paulinus (Roman)

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Quintus Anicius Paulinus (Roman)

Notable Traits:One Eye(looks clawed out) Inhumane (on a Path)

Society: Anarch

Clan: Gangrel

Sire: Bodhmall

Lineage: House Medullian


  • 129 BCE: Quintus Anicius Paulinus was born in in Germania.
  • 128 BCE: Brought to Pompeii as a slave.
  • 128 BCE: Secretly sold to a Senator and his wife who couldnt have children.
  • 110 BCE: Joins the Roman Army.
  • 99 BCE: Quintus was embraced by Bodhmall in the Mountains of Wales
  • 97 BCE: After being continually hunted and forced to hunt Quintus was driven from Bodhmalls territory once he was considered a competent predator. (Converted to Feral Heart)
  • 84 BCE: Embraced Catus_of_Gaul
  • 597 AD: Embraced Abraham O'Brien
  • 810 AD: Embraced Garm
  • 827 AD: Befriends a Tzimsce whom later goes missing.
  • 850-1210 AD: Torpor In the Carpathians
  • 1211 AD: Begins actively engaging against Tremere in Italy, France and Greece that are sending aide to the Carpatians totalling in 22 Chantries destroyed.

Anarch Revolt: Actively assists the younger generation to see if Elders can actually survive without their castles and Ancilla to protect them.

  • 1533-1644 AD: Torpor in the English Channel
  • 1644 AD: Hears of the New World and begins travelling there.
  • 1776 AD: Headed west to allow the mortal conflict on the coast settle, comes to St Louis when it was a

fur trading post. Begins trading as he sets up his home territory east of the River. (Quints Trading)

  • 1899 AD: Travels to San Francisco, and then on to Hong Kong
  • 1903 AD: Returns to St Louis, drawn by the Worlds Fair
  • 2010 AD: Heads the call of Mother_Ursa and heads to Urals to help the Lupines.
  • 2010-Present: Assisting younger Anarchs in St. Louis.


  • Roman is old but most other Anarchs just dont ask.
  • There is a rumor of a Gangrel called the Roman that killed over 100 Tremere during the time of the Omen Wars
  • Quintus may be the first Childe of Bodhmall
  • Roman took a Lupine lover after the Battle of the Urals

OOC Information

Player: Zachary Green

Player Email: zach.w.green@gmail.com

Storyteller: Josh Butler

Storyteller Email: vstcamo28d@gmail.com

Location: St.Louis MO[[Category:Masquerade / Dark_City]