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"You don’t perform black metal if you are not a warrior. Black metal is a war against what everyone knows." -- Gaahl


Name: Kurt Carver, AKA Rødefingre (Redfingers)

Notable Traits: Rødefingre is a fostern skald (galliard) in the Get of Fenris tribe. He is notable for missing his right eye, and he bears a fetish axe that is also an electric guitar. His long, black hair is often draped over his face to some degree. He is otherwise remarkable for usually wearing corpsepaint and adorning himself in spiky black leather. His stage persona, "Kødæder," is known to trve kvlt fans of black metal in Virginia (Fame 2).

Pack: Ashes to Ashes (Black Phoenix totem)

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: N/A


1980 - born to a U.S. airman and a Danish climatologist in Quantico, VA
1990 - mother is killed in an auto accident during a winter storm
1992 - father remarries; Kurt begins to exhibit behavior problems
1993 - sent overseas to live with maternal grandparents (kinfolk) in Denmark; discovers black metal \m/
1996 - experiences first change; adopted into the local Fenrir sept
1997-2005 - completes Rite of Passage and then has various other adventures that eventually elevate him to fostern
2006 - returns to the U.S. following loss of caern in Denmark
2007-2011 - travels the east coast, forms a band, looks for a permanent home
2012 - settles near Richmond, VA and joins with remnants of local sept

  • He experienced his First Change while setting fire to a church.
  • He is a Satanist and sacrifices babies on Walpurgisnacht.
  • His band's shows have served as a catalyst to others' First Changes.
  • If you play his music backwards, it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  • He subsists on a diet of raw meat and beer.
  • Technically he's homeless.
  • He is vulnerable to holy water.

  • "Those who get confused when I say we are the same do not understand the Get of Fenris." - Sylvi Anker
  • "I have never met anyone - human, kin, Garou, other - who has poured so much blood and soul into their Craft with anything approaching his zeal. Literally or figuratively." - Harper Fitzgerald
  • "This Fenrir weaves violence and song fantastically. He is a murdersmith and a wordsmith!" Thorin "Blood Reaver" Ljungborg, Modi of the Fenrir
  • "Stylistically, one of the coolest Garou EVAR. He played Death Metal from the bow of a ship before we laid waste to a bunch of Wyrm Berserkers. I’d love to see how he does in Rock Band." - Smooth Operator
  • "He is unlike any Skald I have met before. He is unique in the way he combines his music with his violence. His recounting of the Edda of Valka One Eye should be told to Cubs and Cliath to tell them what is possible with the sons and daughters of Fenris." - Arbiter of Malice
  • "I shall invite him for Yule and we can have a singsong at the fire with cookies. His guitar and my drum might be a good combination. His Song of Rescue and Rebirth made me cry with pride." - Annika
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"Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" by Burzum
"Doedskvad" by Taake
"Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism" by Immortal
"De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" by Mayhem

Edda of Valka.jpeg
OOC Information

Player: B.R. US2010096592

Player Email: homodm at gmail dot com

Storyteller: DJ Hicks

Storyteller Email: rva.apoc.st@gmail.com

Location: Richmond, VA